Level 602 looking for an active guild


Hey, so my previous guild fell apart (people stopped playing), so I’m looking for a new one to join, one where I’m not the last active player :^) I usually contribute ~300K per week, 1500 guild seals, rank 1 pvp, and I do all of my guild battles. If anyone’s interested in me my invite code is EXODUS_AFNX. Thanks!


What guild were you in previously?? (Just had a member named Exodus leave Gems N Roses last Sunday).


That wasn’t it, I was in Too Sweet Boys previously (one of the random ones I found when I first started and didn’t know what I was doing.)

Odd coincidence though :^) I guess I’m not the only one to use that name


I sent you an invite to our guild, Intrim 4. Hope to have you aboard with us.


Thank you, I’m happy to join :^)