Level 502 looking for top 30 Guild

LVL 502, been working in another guild but all the top players bailed so I’m looking for another guild preferably in the top 30.
Provide 1500 seals weekly , and all gold goes to the guild as I am at 10 across the board usually over 500k, sometimes more depending on my work week. Please contact me here so we can communicate and go from there. .
Inivte code is: HATECOACH

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@Hatecoach, You can be 3rd on my wait list, we complete all Task by Mid week & get 40k seals every week.
We completed 10 Legendary Task by Sunday, last week. We are always trying to be a better guild.
We are active and friendly in our in game chat, we help each other too. Hope you will consider joining our family.
My Guild is Blazing Dragons, You can check out our recruitment page & chat here on the forums.

Our Req’s are 1500 S, 500k+ Gold & 250 Trophies.

Hope you post a comment in my recruitment page.