Looking for high end guild


Looking for a high end guild (prob top 30) that does legendary tasks.

i do

  • 1,500 seals
  • 300,000 gold
  • 300 Trophys
  • Use discord

Invite code is JUST!CE

Concealed Supremacy is not established yet. Just getting going but we’ve completed over half the tasks with our small group this first week. We aren’t quite what you looking for but if you want to help grow a guild from the beginning . . .

There are a lot of good guilds out there but if you don’t find a home we’ve got spots available.


Thanks for the offer i appreciate it.

The thing is i’m already in that some sort of guild and i’m looking for an upgrade.

Sounds good. Good luck. You’ll find a good home that suits your needs. Lots to choose from. :+1:

@Just1ce We are Rank 86, Blazing Dragons :dragon:
We complete all Task + Legendary also. 40k seals every week.
1500 Seals, 500k+ gold ( 0 gold if maxing Kingdoms ) and 250+ Trophies.

1 Spot might be open in 2 days. (Sat)

Check out our recruitment page here: