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Level 40, 70 and 100 Titan Hero Talents missing

Describe your issue:

I just lost a GW battle because, for some reason, half my Titan class Hero talents had disappered!

I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting Barriered when I matched Brown gems, and when I checked I found that the Level 40, 70 and 100 Talents were not selected!

I don’t mean they were wrong, I mean they were blank, as if I’d achieved Level 100 but not selected any Talents for them at all.

I don’t know why this happened.

Screenshots or video:

I don’t have a screenshot because I’d already selected the Talents that were missing before I thought of it :frowning:

I’m using GoW on an Samsung Galaxy S9+ with the latest version of Android OS.

You probably have posted other player team including Titan, who’s class level was under 40.


That’s ridiculous.

If a Talent is unset, or you’re copying a team with a different Talent set, fine, then replace it with the new one.

But if a Talent is already set and the team you’re copying from doesn’t have that anything at that level, it should leave that Talent alone, not wipe it out completely.

It’s not a difficult piece of programing.

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That’s the danger of copying teams. If the copied teams does not have a value for a particular talent level, then your copy ALSO does not have it. It does’nt plug one in, it HAS to have a value or else it leaves it blank.
I found this out when I had setup a sunspear/Phonecia team for a speedrun, and took out talents so the team would load faster. Lo & behold, I took a sunspear team into PVP and the same talents were missing there, because I did’nt assign the missing talents.
When your hero is assigned to a team, it uses the LAST known values for talents. So if you copy a team that does not have those talents, your copy of the team will not have those talents either, unless you go in & manually assign them.

Will this directly put money in their pockets to fix? Only if paying customers leave the game over it…

Paste team should not unset talents to hero

Paste team removes talents from hero

Pasting team code with hero talents


The annoying thing is that this is a “Quick Win” fix.

Literally all they need to do is change the code slightly (another bit of Pseudo Code):

IF copied-team talent-value != 0

THEN original-team talent-value = copied-team talent-value

A fix like this should take a competent programer just a few seconds to fix and it would be a positive Quality of Life improvement for the players, thus making it more likely that they’ll stay with the game because another little frustration has been removed.


I’m curious: How do you turn off talents you don’t need or want? As someone who enjoys speedy Explore battles, any time saved, even if only a few tenths of a second per battle, would help.

Copy your team code into word or notepad or something similar. delete the number of the talents you don’t want, but leave the commas. Then copy the edited code into your team.
Be sure to update your hero talents when you’re done.

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You could use the method above, but, off hand, I can’t think of any that you’d want to.

If you don’t want a particular Talent operating, you could, for example, swap out an exploder for “Gain 3 life using an axe” if you wanted which would make things fractionally quicker, but you’d have to play many hundreds for it to make a real difference.

Mostly, of course, what most people want to do is switch off unnecessary (or annoying) Weapon affixes eg creating a gem which screws up a 4 match, but you can’t do that… :frowning:


Thank you both @HounganAtLarge @Rockwell

OFC, it’s dumb and i fully agree that this could be changed to: “if team code doesn’t include talents for some levels, dont modify them”, but it’s not a bug. It’s a feature requests :wink: