Paste team removes talents from hero

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Colleague shared team build on chat with 4 hero talents(rest of them were set to ‘any’). I had hero with all talents unlocked and set. When I copied and pasted team to my slot, last 3 hero talents were removed(un set).
I would expect that talents marked as ‘any’ in copied build will be left unchanged.
How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I think it is happening all the time, my another colleague complained about the same issue.

Steps to make it happen again
Ask collegue to share build with hero below 100 lvl, you should have this hero lvl 100(or at least one more talent unlocked than colleague). Check hero settings(talents should be set), paste team from colleague, check hero settings(talents locked in colleague account are unset on your hero).

UPDATE: topic moved to feature requests.

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If the team you are copying doesn’t have all the hero talents unlocked, then it won’t automatically assign any of the extra hero talents that you have unlocked. Otherwise it would have to guess which hero talents you want to use. The copy function I would assume copies the entire team, and doesn’t determine which hero talents are locked or unlocked, and the ‘any’ will therefore overwrite whatever talents you had previously set. I would say that this is working as intended.

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It is working as intended, yes, but the intention should be changed. Instead of erasing the talents when seeing “0” in the team code, the game should do nothing at all to those talent slots.


The logic I work on is that if I copy a team with unset talents, then I want to check the talents I’m using anyway because what I had set for one team might not be best talents to use for the new team I have copied. And unless you check exactly which talents you have copied across, you might incorrectly assume that they were copied from the new team when in fact they were set for your old team and would have been best to change based on new team.

I agree that this is the most logical and intuitive approach. This thread should probably be changed to a feature request.

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In my opinion I disagree, as this will mean having to check all of the talents to see which ones have copied across and which ones have been left at your default setting, to check they are the best talents for the new team. I would personally rather just check the unassigned talents.

I agree it can be feature request. Should I move it?

I think you probably should move it to feature requests. Otherwise, this thread will just get marked as “not a bug” and forgotten.

Topic present as feature request: