Paste team should not unset talents to hero

When sharing team, locked hero talents are present as ‘any’. When pasting team to your account, if you have more talents unlocked that your colleague, they are unset.
I think it would be great to leave these talents unchanged.

Original post was bug report:


I’d love to see this change happen.

I’d hate if that change will happen. Currently, it’s the only way to unset talent if I don’t want any of 3 choices (like Assasin lvl20 or Diabolist lvl20) for a particular team.

Feature request inside the feature request: if you click a Talent that is currently selected, it unsets the Talent for that class/level.

So: clicking Icy Veil under Assassin Lv20 will select that as the talent. Clicking Backup will replace Icy Veil. Clicking Backup again will unset it entirely, so that none of Icy Veil/Dusk’s Aura/Backup are selected.