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Level 203 recherche guilde active

je joue tous les jours.
Je suis niveau 203.
Je suis actuellement dans une guilde au range 278.
J’apporte entre 100 et 200 trophées et entre 30 000 et 50 000 or par semaine car je monte les royaumes.
Si quelqu’un est intéressé par mon profil et que vous jouez le classement, je suis partant.

You can join us, pustelnia! We are looking for active players in a guild of a very friendly multicultural group of people.

+40/41 to all masteries, currently rank 58.

Prefer a mature person, only requesting that you are active within the guild (no donation/trophy quota will ever be in place). I would prefer you save your gold to increase kingdom levels as a priority.


Hello Rikus,
sorry for my english language, I’m french. I’m 40 years old
If you have a space available. You can invite me (did85)
I’m for the moment in the current guild, I don’t know if you can send me an invitation if I stay inside.
Tell me and I can leave it
Thank you

English isn’t my mother language too, so don’t worry.

I can’t send you a invite. You must leave it.



I send a message to the current guild, and I leave it

It’s made, you can invite me. I chat in the world chat if you have problem

Ok, our leader is not online now anymore, but soon he will acept you

Ok I go to the lunch. I see in 1 hour.

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i had a party and i did not spek with the leader yet

Tell me when you’re ready. For the moment I help a guild.

Morning! I have the permitions to invite you now.

Hello Rikus,
now you can ?

yes, I’m on line

= )

Ok I leave the guild

I’m free. You can invite me