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Searching an active Guild to join

Hello out there,

I am not new in the Game but I am back to play it a lot. Because now I’ve found out that I can play it on the mobile phone and played the Game at least for over 400 hours.

I am locking for some nice people to talk to and having some fun while chasing other players in the PVP Mode.

My home country is Berlin in Germany and I am 31 years old. My English is not all the time perfect but I will try my best that we will understand each other.

If you think I fit your Guild you can invite me with KNATER. Otherwise you can ask me something if there are some questions open and you want to clear them befor inviting me :wink:

I want to join like said bevor an active Guild so that I can reach with you something and not loaf around in some old stocking one.

So see ya in the game

Hi there,

What’s your level and what can you achieve by week (number of trophies/golds/seals)?

Thanks ;-).


last week I’ve spend around 180 000 Gold for the Guild, reached 1500 seals, around 100 trophies and leveled a lot my Kingdoms. My Level in the Game is at the moment 173.

hey knater

i send invite to you :slight_smile:

my guild rank 16 all players active

join us :slight_smile:


I’ve got 3 invites from Viture or so and could’nt take it… all were empty.

i send invite again

done :slight_smile:

always read topic and check guild chat to news :slight_smile:

bonjour, nous sommes une petite guilde familiale peu nombreux 4/30 mais nous sommes très actifs. Notre bonus de guilde est de +150%. pour exemple la semaine dernière nous avons investi 1 000 000 d’or à 2. Nous sommes ouverts à tous les volontaires…
Equipe Les Vctorieuses