Level 200+ newbie looking for active guild


I have not been playing that long but love the game and want to join and active and competitive guild that does guild wars and offers knowledge and help to become a better player. I am on daily and do guild wars daily with good level of success even thought the rest of the guild I’m in doesn’t play.


If you haven’t I suggest you join both “The Gems of War Club” and “Gems of War Club” on the X1. Lots of different Guilds lookng for members in both. Good Luck.


Send me your invite code, you’re welcome in our guild Dracomania :slight_smile:


My invite code is KENTUCKYRAIN70_OXER


Sorry, but this code don’t exist


Guild Guardians will have you if you’re still looking . Rank 160 guild . Just need your invite code . The one you give above doesn’t exist on Xbox .



level 83, play daily