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Level 200+ newbie looking for active guild

I have not been playing that long but love the game and want to join and active and competitive guild that does guild wars and offers knowledge and help to become a better player. I am on daily and do guild wars daily with good level of success even thought the rest of the guild I’m in doesn’t play.

If you haven’t I suggest you join both “The Gems of War Club” and “Gems of War Club” on the X1. Lots of different Guilds lookng for members in both. Good Luck.

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Send me your invite code, you’re welcome in our guild Dracomania :slight_smile:

My invite code is KENTUCKYRAIN70_OXER

Sorry, but this code don’t exist

Guild Guardians will have you if you’re still looking . Rank 160 guild . Just need your invite code . The one you give above doesn’t exist on Xbox .


level 83, play daily