Lettuce Pray


Ò_ô I’m skeptical about this…

750 event keys, 56.000 of glory in Spoils of War and aching joints on my hands from “clicking+pressing Esc to skip” to get Quilin to Mythic…


If everyone else is posting:

200 to get 1st Qilin
50 to get 2nd Qilin (250)
150 to get 3rd Qilin + Mythic (400)
150 to get 4th Qilin (550)
50 to get 5th/6th Qilin (600)

Got Sifu Yuan to Mythic as well which was nice.


I only had 13 event keys. I only spent 8. I got Qilin on like the third or fourth key and the killer wabbit two keys later. The rest were Diviners. I didn’t want to waste anymore because I spent about 135 event keys trying to get worldbreaker last week and it just didn’t happen.


700 Event Keys for 6 Qilin and I got Sifu Yuan to Mythic (and Moon Rabbit obviously).


Two pretty useful troops in a week. Way to go Devs! :slight_smile:


First time trying to get new Legendary to Mythic, and did it with only 600 keys. Quite happy with it! :grinning: (still remember that time I spent 400 Event Keys to get 1 Nimue. lol)

Also, just visited this temple today, but just noticed now that blue creature on the roof might be Qilin itself! :open_mouth:

So I learned that Qilin is กิเลน (Glien) in my country, which is quite common as a lucky charm. Here is the zoomed-in pictures and traditional Thai’s artwork of it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool! Thanks for sharing a piece of your culture with us!


480 Event Keys so far

11 Yao
5 Emperor

No Qilin’s



150 for 1 Ann 100 more for a second one. So 250 event keys.


And in Japan, as well as AD&D it’s Ki-rin


Thank you for sharing :relieved: