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Tiger King

Originally published at: Tiger King – Gems of War

New Epic Troop: Baihu Baihu will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Into the West There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Hound of Fire, Hound…

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If over 10 Yellow Gems on the board, give AI an extra turn. Deal 25 Damage to Enemy, boosted by Yellow Gems Enchant myself.*

  • That’s how the card should be written.

I thought 7 gems was too low of a number of a spawn. I was mistaken.

Would still love to know the intended drop rate of Tarot Cards. Since the troops base Rarity is no longer an indication when included in the Vault.


So with no board refreshes the best course for this event is pick a spot on the map and keep choosing that spot till the event is over? :sleeping:

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Hound of what now? What troops are in these battles? :thinking: These hounds are not current troops. That’s different.

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well, as you devs have sometimes a strange wording, can you please confirm, that only the 5 Hound battles increase the amount of corrupt souls “as the battles get harder” and Yao Guai definitely won’t increase the amount of corrupt cores “as the battles get harder”?


My thoughts exactly.

I guess it’s like the different versions of Zuulgoth. 🤷

His base is 1 core and we can’t collect fractional cores; does this mean in practice “usually 1 core, very rarely 2”?

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Great point. At some point then, the Souls will be worth more than the cores depending on how many you do. That definitely makes it more complicated.
I first read it as cores would increase as well.

This seems contradictory: if the battles are all of equal chance, how is the Yao Guai battle rarer than the rest?


Most people will not reach that threshold. You need to do a Hound battle for the 15th time for it to reach Yao’s 15 points per battle—and 18 times before it beats Yao at a 1.18x expectation. Given five different Hounds, that’s 75-90 battles before you come out ahead by ignoring Yao Guai.


Some next level trolling there with scoring - Souls scale, Cores randomize (but don’t scale), I believe this hasn’t been done before. Just here to say you can get up to x3, so it’s 1, 2 or 3 cores for 15, 30 or 45 points. Nothing in between those.

From past experience, the fractional cores are tracked, but rounded when giving out. Something like this
Battle | Base cores | multiplier* | result
1      | 1          | 1           | 1
2      | 1.25       | 1           | 1 (1.25)
3      | 1.5        | 1           | 2 (1.5)
4      | 1.75       | 1.4         | 2 (2.45)
5      | 2          | 3           | 6</s>
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Usually I’m not having to fight that many different battles though. For instance…
This past week I had of fought the Epic battles at least 15 times each. (The other Epic not pictured was level 450)
Meanwhile the Ultra Rare I had to do maybe 5? times.

If you mean most will do Tier 2 or less then I agree. But I always do Tier 4. So it would really come down to Tier purchase/Sigils used right?

Guessing time!

  • Hound of Fire: Hellhound
  • Hound of Poison: Mist Stalker
  • Hound of Ice: Winter Wolf
  • Hound of Stone: Bulette / Kryshound / Pharoh Hound
  • Hound of Death: Hound of Yao Guai / Netherhound / Chaos Hound / Umberwolf / Warg

My predicted rule is that they’re all Rare, but there are no Rare Ice Dog at all. So…?

Not really. It’s the highest “level” thing. And by level I meant number of times you beat that type of room. Level 20 and Level 100 Hound of Fire will give the same point if somehow you make them both appear on the map at once.

So… Pick all the same rooms that appear the most in the beginning, then repeat. Will still get to the same circling pattern at some point.

The tricky thing is, Yao Guai gives static ranged point, so after a while, even though you might get 3x, all the hound will still worth more than him. But I don’t think it matter much for just playing to finish the event. I would still pick him.

For leaderboard though, might be good idea to ignore him entirely for more scaling? I don’t know. Not really my field. :sweat_smile:


Heres the graphics to help you this week:

Event Details:

Reward Tiers:


Just a note about the discussion mentioning 90 battles possibly being the figure for scoring more than Yao. In testing after 13 battles, I was already having two of the hounds at 8 points and then another handful of battles and I was starting to level the other hounds as I figured out the scoring. We did run some numbers and based on all free sigils Taking Yao would net you around 947 points, Non Yao route was considerably more


Is it just me, or isn’t Baihu creating the 3 yellow Gems? Not that I’m complaining… :sweat_smile:


Noticed same issue. Wonder if it’s a speed bug again like Haunted Guardian.

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Yes, no gems created and no glory given in PvP.
Created a bug report here:


So it started with -11 points deduction from Hound level 10
It takes a lot of battles to reclaim this deficiency

The calculations are very interesting, but for most players who will not participate in the leader race, a better choice is: Yao Guai over Hounds

I’m already committed to the crazy no-Guai scheme, so I will chime in when I hit 62 battles to see if I am above or below 947 points. Wish me luck!