Lazy Town (Weekly Event Post)

I’m hoping that they’ll take a single week off from designing convoluted scoring metrics and use that time to check epic vault key droprates.

On topic: Good to see a new troop and weapon in the same week.

Thread titles need to stop reflecting players’ impressions of or reactions to the Events, for their own sake :sweat_smile: “Woe Is Me”, “Flying Blind”…


Sadly still relevant


There are no words…just why devs why? Does anyone like these constantly changing absurd scoring mechanics? Was feedback given in beta and just ignored?

Oh and we’re back to multiplying the collectibles by x10 for no reason whatsoever.

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The Locked On Event this week (for the next 6 hours anyway) has pretty easy scoring… always take the lowest level enemy unless there is a Legendary or Mythic fight available. Super simple.

This next one, Keyed In, uh… let me figure this out. I think you’d always want to take Ironjaw in Round 1, Infernal Machine in Round 2, and Tartarus in Round 3. If those aren’t available, take the other ones.

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Battle choice system is similar to/round 2 of Stakeout, but without the increasing points (and the added “x1.18”…):

Mildly similar to Stag Party:

Wanted to reiterate this:

And probably this, too (ideally should read, “minimal no* randomisation in scoring”, although if it really is to prevent leaderboard ties, then ¯_(ツ)_/¯):

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Where are you getting these point value ranges from?

I think the point ranges are an estimate based on previous events, which seems reasonably fair, but even if they turn out to be wrong, the x1.18 average of the base amount is realistically all you need – so ~5.9 for Ironjaw, ~3.54 for TIM, ~8.26 for Tartarus.

Summoning Solution (31-Aug) has the same 1.18 system, which had scores multiplied by:
1.0, 1.4, 2.0, 3.0 (very rare)
Beta testers can’t disclose due to NDA, but within the first hour it should be obvious if the same mechanism (multipliers) has been used here.

About 1.18x
Base   1.4x   2x    3x
3      4.2     6     9      (e.g. possible scores of 30,40,60,90)
5      7      10    15
7      9.8    14    21

Possible weights are 71% 1x, 20% 1.4x, 8% 2x, 1% 3x.

Personally, I averaged 1.082x in Summoning Solution

We dont actually test the World Events.

But what I can say, is that the devs usually aim for 1.18x multiplier, based on forum posts from every other RNG based World Event, so its not a massive leap to make that assumption

These are getting too complicated



What’s going on? Is somebody bored of their job and trying to see how far they can push things before the get moved to a different assignment? Or fired? Did devs sign up to participate in some kind of study of player responses to increasingly complicated scoring methods that are only known to a small segment of players?

Come ON! :roll_eyes:


We know what restrictions will be ?

104,000 to get Stage 12 rewards => 3,467 per member
Modeling based on equal numbers of all troops taken comes to 3,440 points for 'Tier 2' shop buy.

But most may buy Tier 4 for the new weapon anyway.


28 (starting) + 2 (T1) + 3 (T2) = 33 sigils
Valraven multiplier: 2.15x - 2.3x ~ 70 - 74 battles
Average points assuming no player choice, and you have to take equal numbers of all troops over time:
(2) + (3 x 1.18) + (4) + (5 x 1.18) + (6) + (7 x 1.18) = 297 points, repeating every 6 battles
Points at 70 - 74 battles ~ 3440 - 3640

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My calculations:

Cares = 0
Speed @ tier 2 potions > tier 1 > tier 0
Speed @ tier >2 = speed @ tier 2
Tiers = 2

… this took longer to do than I thought. Shush.


Wait. So on top of all this, there’s an “event” troop, in exchange for our precious gems of course, which actually doesn’t even add extra value to our score/performance during the event?

Ohh, and such a coincidence too!

Edit: and yes, i missed it in the OP because of frustrations. Luckily maybe.

It sort of does, for some players it increases the global attack value by one. :wink:
Sin of Maraj was the last kingdom added, it’s very low on troops. I’ll take Gael, even though the usefulness in battles escapes me for now.


Epic, not rare.

I still find the Stoneskin trait to be idiotic when considering the cast.


Basically Round 1, 2, 3…

Y’all do this on a weekly basis.
But still won’t publish the GW formula points after 3 bug filled years.

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