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New Epic Troop: Lord Belanor Lord Belanor will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: A Thorny Problem There are 5 battles that players can encounter during the event: Dark Dryad,…

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Against* maybe?

Think this scoring mechanism needs a rewrite tbh, doesn’t really explain how it works precisely.

I understand that the scoring mechanism keeps being altered every week to keep things ‘fresh,’ but is this really that important? Personally I would rather one single mechanism was retained like previous guild events.

Changing things every week without explaining exactly how they work exactly is sloppy. Some critics may think this strategy is intentional…

Also, the troop is called Redthorn* and not Red Thorn. I know this seems pedantic but sometimes I wonder whoever is writing this stuff has actually tested new events.


Silly maths - if it increases by 50% multiplicatively, every T7 purchase of 20 sigils gives 45 battles = 11 boss battles
Your last Alderfather battle is worth (150%)^11 = 86 times the points before you bought each extra T7. That single T7 purchase earns more points than 29 x T4 purchases.


Looks like only the Alderfather/King Bloodwood battles increase in points, and only 50% of the initial 10pts each time. In other words, flat 5pts each time their level increases by the standard jump.

As with previous world events, looks like the design spec is for 30 members to purchase into Tier 2.

All rewards --- 27000
Per member --- 900

Tier | Sigils | Battles | Score Range
   0 |   28   |    63   |   663 -  804
   1 |   30   |    67   |   725 -  875
   2 |   33   |    74   |   853 - 1017
   3 |   37   |    83   |  1002 - 1187
   4 |   42   |    94   |  1232 - 1440

Fun fact - with the scaling points, a single person buying 10 x Tier 7 will end up around level 365 and score higher than 27,000 (if Monday’s scoring system holds)


The first RARE BATTLE!!! Never had a green one before

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I’m okay with it being mixed up a little, as long as it’s thoughtful and clear.

I guess that first criterion can be a bit subjective – I’ve definitely found a couple of the scoring mechanisms thus far to be a bit unenjoyable and demotivating, whilst some others have been okay.

There do seem to be some clear preferences emerging, e.g. in particular increasing scores with difficulty, as motivation to go further (or for a sense of progress/rewarding that), and minimal randomisation in scoring.


Changing the names of and points given by collectibles doesn’t count as “keeping it fresh” imo. There’s really only 2 ways to approach every single world event. Either highest rarity highest lv OR highest rarity lowest lv. Although I’m not sure which one this event is.


If @cyberkiwi is correct, then the strategy is:

  • Grab the highest rarity at the lowest available level.
  • Always take Alderfather/Bloodwood.

(Arguably, take the higher level if both Alderfather and Bloodwood are offered simultaneously, but it’s likely to balance out in the long term.)


Just want to toss out a “thank you” to the devs for keeping the Tier cost requirement for finishing these World Events reasonable.

I know I point out things I consider to be BS, but I also want to point out things I consider to be good form. So, thank you.


Silly first poster, increases are from the base value like everything else in the game. So it will increase 5 points each time from its base value of ten.

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You’d think for something so simple they’d just say 5pts each increase then? Most people agree that the wording leaves much to be desired.
As for your point “ everything else in the game”, I beg to disagree. Next time your guild wins a GW day, check how the XP % bonus gets applied, and here’s a hint - it’s not to the base battle XP value.

You’d think they’d just say 5 points instead of 50% increase, but remember two weeks ago when they didn’t?

  • The Gray King: 12 Clues

A Clue is worth 1 point, and as each battle gets harder they will increase the amount of Clues given by 25%.

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“The new Campaigns will bring so much meaningful lore!” they said.
finds himself constantly battling against Lord Belanor, when he’s supposed to be helping him against Primal Rift forces
This doesn’t make any sense, I’d rather get no lore at all than cheap and senseless one like this, it also conveys the wrong idea about the care that is being placed in the development of the game (at least, I hope it is the wrong one).

New Korean screenshot has arrived. :smiley:
Nice artwork!


You meant the one in Red thorn battle, right? It’s not that big of a deal for me.

For lore reason, only the name of the battle should take into the account, or gameplay would be so boring. They released a new troop, so of course they want us to fight it.

If you want to find a reason for it, maybe because Hero had some Primal Rift troop in the army, so Lord Belanor was confused at first. Or it could be a test to see if Hero is worthy enough to join. The next time it happened should not be consider canon, of course. Primal Rift enemies should only take a few battles to be completely dealt with, so Hero can continue his business of recruiting help.

Or… at least that’s my plan for my version of this week’s extended lore.

Most of the time, it’s not that hard to add a bit more backstory to official lore to help all events make sense. The only problem for me is, how the heck am I supposed to add Shark Week element to a forest story? :rofl:

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All the demon ichor from the previous weeks’ killings drained into the rivers, flowing into the bay of Merlantis past the pirates of Blackhawk. There it met some peaceful waterfolk — and mutated them horribly. Brave sharkies, malformed now with arms and legs, climbed out of the sea to figure out what the **** was going on in the overworld, and to get revenge on those who would so callously pollute their communities…

:wink: :vulcan_salute:


Some sharks live in rivers too.

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Forest Shark!


Isn’t it quite obvious that the scoring works like this?

I appreciate the work @cyberkiwi put into the equations they did, but even a highschool teacher asks for ‘a train constantly increasing its speed by 10%/h, how many miles did he ride after 10h starting at point A for 5h?’

The problem is not the maths one puts in, it’s about understanding the question at hand.

That’s not a good example as that requires integration to solve and would be more appropriate for a first semester calculus class.
But yeah, gems keeps the math simple.

Getting some weird jiggling and dancing when trying to choose a battle. A few other guild members are seeing the same.