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New Epic Troop: Van Kane Van Kane will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Riddles in the Dark There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Vlad…


25 cents on the amount of Clues actually increasing by 2.5% or 250%.


Last 3 days of current event, I’ve had Abynissia battles appear after only 1 battle win… now 4/5 battles on my map are Abynissia. Not sure that was meant to happen?


So each time I fight Vlad, I will gain one more clue per battle. Fourth time I fight vlad he should be worth 7 clues. Third time I fight gray king, he’d be worth 18 clues (+3 per battle). If I understand right.

I guess it’s a game to figure out how many clues we will need before the scoring makes sense?


I believe the intent is to score more points by doing the highest level and rarity match available.

Where as Infernus Invasion didn’t have that mechanic.

I tested this on Beta last night actually, as I do each week for World Events actually.

@UKresistance is correct in how it works.

Epic Battles - +1 increase per level.
Legendary Battles - +2 Increase per level.
Mythic Battles - +3 Increase per level.

Leveling them evenly could be a good idea, based on what shows up on the board. Its possible that you could Level 1 constantly to get max scores, and 1 rotation that 1 wont show at all.

The scoring is also based on each different version.

So with the 3 Epics (Vlad, Morthani and Nosferatu) If you get 1 to level 100, that should be ~14 Clues per. But if you do 1 of the others at 10 still, it will only be worth the 4 points still.

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Really poor explanation of the event. Leaves more questions than answers. I guess it’s follow the highest-rarity level battle, and we’ll find out what that breakdown actually meant.

Either we’ll see a rapidly increasing number of clues each round 6 battles, making it unnecessary to have laid out the points to begin with (like raid), or there will be some invisible line after several increasingly difficult battles that we see an increase of 25%, once.

The more complicated these scoring formats get the more likely is be another Council of Chiefs-like debacle.


Highest Rarity wont help here tbh.

The way the system works is this:

Starting map is 4 Epic fights. You have to finish 3 of them to get past here.

Next map is 3 Legendary fights. You have to finish 2 of these to get past here.

Then you have 1 Mythic fight. You finish this to reset back to the 4 Epic fights.

The key here is the level of the fights. Higher the level, the more points its worth

Professor Plum, in the library, with a pipe wrench.


The Hardley Boys favorite event yet.

If you only have one rarity available… Then of course it’s highest level possible.

Of course.

The way its always worked in the past is a mixed though, so its reasonable to expect the normal player to think thats what will happen, especially since for every world event they have been told, focus on highest rarity to max points.

You cant do that here, its a different system, so for some, it will have to be explained in clearer terms for them to understand that it is different and not a bug they are experiencing while playing

Instead of highest rarity, lowest level, it’s highest rarity highest level…


Is this event a guild wide event or individual? I see the mention of individual world events in the help section. It seems that having an individual based event during guild wars. Could be preferable to some.

Though we should be getting one guild competition LB to replace the ToD one every month.
I truly hope the devs were wise enough to make this week an individual event as well. Then 2 weeks from now have it be a Guild LB.

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I’m pretty sure individual world events were misinformation (on the part of a dev), and what was meant is individual or guild leaderboards, but if there were going to individual world events, leaving them optional to people in guilds that require all guild events, Guild Wars would be the week to do it. Guild Wars is pressure enough on some players without also being required to do everything else.

Show us you mean it when you say we don’t have to devs…


Just make sure you don’t do world events when people are attacking you in guild wars, or you will have useless medals equipped.


Damn I forgot about those guys. Them and Nancy Drew. I was more of a Encyclopedia Brown guy, though.

That’s HUGE, and this is why medals need to be assigned to teams. Since I’m working from home for the time being I’ll be checking my guild wars opponents to try to catch them playing their world event battles with the useless medals now.