Last minute event changes

Since last week the pet showing in the games menu has been the Yeti from Glacial Peaks. I woke up today to some garbage mouse pet, RIP my power level. I suppose i now have to wait til the random pet rescue pops up or use an extremely hard earned orb.

I just thought it was interesting that events couldn’t be canged last minute or changed in the calendar, except of course when you guys feel like doing it.

For months i was under the apparently false idea that a Vault event couldn’t be added, which was supposed to have been compensation for some bug related issue i can’t recall(there’s so many these days).

I know this will probably fall on deaf ears and get buried but it would be great if there were some consistency on any level of your dev team.


Feels unusual to schedule the event pet on a wednesday instead of saturday indeed. Might be a bug…

No bug, Nine Finger Joe probably got the date for Easter wrong and had to improvise this morning to get the annual Easter pet in.

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taransworld (or as the devs would say: a untrusted source of ingame spoilers that are subject to possible change at any given time) listed todays cosmetic pet since several days. can’t recall exactly for how long, but quite a few days.
since that site is at 99,9% a more trustworthy source than “ingame” I prefer using it.

well, nothing that can really be added to this without possibly risking personal forum vacation or a censorship closed topic.