Lady Light - GW 30s bracket looking to move up (10+ spots)

Hi, I’m an officer of Lady Light. We’re a friendly and relatively laid-back guild, as our position on the Guild Wars ranking shows. :smirk:

We’ve got about 50-60% participation in Guild Wars, and we’d frankly like to move that up to 100%. We’re looking for folks who are active in Guild Wars, completing all their fights each day. (Preferably winning, but that’s not guaranteed in this world…) Whether you’re an individual who wants to get a piece of the GW action, or a small group in a similar situation with GW aspirations, we’d love to have you.

Once we have that (near-)100% participation in the wars, we will see whether we’re climbing or not and may look to select for GW performance (balanced with other guild contributions, of course).

Other things:

  • Leadership are friends in that scary ‘real world’, so we’re not going to go zombie on you.
  • We understand that life events (vacation, childbirth, etc.) might need to take you away from the game now and again. We’re not jerks about it.
  • Our statues range from mid-70s to low 90s.
  • As with most guilds, collecting those seals and donating gold to guild tasks are requested and appreciated. No requirement currently but that may change in future.

If you are interested and/or have question, drop me a line and we can chat. I’ll hang out in World Chat channel 729 if you want to try to catch me in-game. Thanks for reading!