Kudo to the Freeze Effect

I have to admit, when the Freeze status effect was first announced, I didn’t think it was much of a big deal.
According to the majority of the discussion chatter at the time, I think I was not in the minority.

Now… I must say… it is the single most irritating status effect in the entire game for me :dizzy_face:
Well played. Devs. Well played.

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There was a lot of negative chatter to it when it initially came out.

There was so much chatter about it, it was nerfed from 1 freeze on any troop froze everything (all 6 colors and skulls) to what it does now before it even released.

God, that would have been horrible.
I don’t think I would be able to resist throwing my phone against the wall if it wasn’t nerfed.

I admit when it was announced I thought something like “Oh, no. AI is stupid enough not to need freezing and when it’ll freeze me it’ll be just… argh!!! :rage:”…
Right now on one hand I agree with you - it is the most annoying status effect, but on the other hand I find it much more useful than I expected. In fact got so used to board-control Mab teams where opponent is frozen most of the time that I start to find it annoying when I use another team and he keeps getting extra turns :wink:

I still think freeze is still too powerful.

Freeze is easy to play around.

There are so many good impervious troops that the status effects you don’t like can be ignored.

Queen Mab can be annoying, but Impervious just beats her.

Emperor Khorvas, Manticore, Valkyrie, Queen Mab is about the only freeze team that can be annoying, and that is more from the combination of canceling your spells too cheaply, combined with freeze.

I haven’t seen any effective looping Yeti teams, because Yeti can’t bring its own freeze. Borealis’ spell is a too expensive to count on that freeze, so skull spam teams with him count on Mab. Winter Wolf was fun until he got nerfed by the 13 gem stuff.

Death Mark is the only status effect I really watch, and that’s because it can kill before being cleansed, and death mark immune folks can get stunned and then death marked, which is kind of ridiculous.

Ridiculous? That kind of situation is the raison d’être for stun.

The most annoying thing about Freeze, to me, is that it’s easy to miss happening to one of your troops with the sound off. On many troops the white icicles tend to blend into the background, and you have to look closely to realize they’ve appeared. I wouldn’t mind seeing the color of the icicles changed to a light blue, much easier to spot that way.

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