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Insulated is alright

Sometimes Insulated it’s not working…

Okay I understood… Because of Stun… Haha…

Maybe someone can close this useless topic.


I had Draakulis die to deathmark because he got stunned heh, I feel your pain

I wonder…
Say a troop with Insulate (immune to frozen) gets stunned. Then it gets frozen while still stunned.
What ought to happen to the frozen if the stun wears off first? Should the frozen wear off as well due to insulate turning on again?
Any idea what the game does?

It will remain frozen until it is either cleansed, or until the freeze wore off.

Fairly certain that immunities apply at the time of application. That being said, I don’t think it is possible for only one status effect to clear (if one clears, they all do) and if I am right, then the point is moot.


And what happens if one insulated troop is frozen and stunned at the same time (let’s say the 3rd trait of Mab and Korvash applied to the same troop)? Which effects will be applied first?

By Wraith :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Traits appear to trigger to negate statuses before any statuses are applied.

As someone that uses Khorvash and Mab on my main team, If both traits target an enemy Mab, Insulated will trigger, and the enemy Mab will be stunned, but not frozen.

I think Manticore knocked out traits, then he cast Death

That’s not my experience. It looks like it triggers the traits in the order of your troops.

Put Khorvash before Mab on your team and an enemy Mab can be Stunned and Frozen in a single 4/5 match.
Put Mab before Khorvash and the enemy Mab will not be Frozen.

I’ve got Khorvash out front, and I’m sure I’ve seen Insulated trigger before stun is applied. I’ll keep an eye on it, my team tends to spam both status effects anyway, so anything short of Impervious gets frozen pretty quick.

I just confirmed what I wrote by setting my defense team to one Mab and then fighting myself.

Maybe what you saw happened with simultaneous 4/5 matches and multiple enemy troops?
First stun hit someone else.
First freeze hit Mab (but was Insulated).
Second stun hit Mab (now Stunned).
Second freeze hit someone else.

Am i the only one that wants insulated to work for both frozen and burn?


Make sense from a physics standpoint. Insulation protects against heat AND cold.


Apparently, Stun and after Freeze… So my Mechanist Hero earned both status the same round… Enjoy ;-).
Or maybe it depends of the order of the troops: Korvash is first so maybe his 3rd trait is applied first.

I don’t think I will find someone with a team with Mab first…