Another Infernal King question

So a question, more for clarity to understand the mechanics.

So here’s what happened. In PVP, on ios, I faced a team with IK, and he was the last troop standing. He was stunned on the penultimate turn and remained stunned on the last turn when he was killed. Then he resurrected.

My question is, if Immortal is a trait, and traits are meant to be negated/inactive/non-operational when a troop gets stunned, why then is IK capable of resurrecting? Is that how it’s meant to work?

One rationale I can think of is that once a troop dies then all status effects go away, ie a corpse can’t be stunned, frozen, burnt etc. That’s why resurrect can still occur.

Apologies if this has already been covered, I’m not the best at searching in forums! :slight_smile:

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Its a known issue - Stun Doesn't Disable "On Death" Traits

Thanks mate, you really are the helpdesk!

I see the devs haven’t responded on the matter though …


Ok thanks, good to know they are on the ball …

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