Krystara's Keepers Recruitment Thread [29/30]


We are a top 100 guild (currently rank 80) looking for a new member. Many of our members built this guild up virtually from scratch in the last 11 months, and are proud of our work. We have a great mix of players from across the globe and all are welcome!

What we offer:

Basic tasks completed on Monday

40,000 seals completed every week

35+ legendary tasks

All Raid/Invasion/Tower of Doom rewards

An active, helpful Discord community

Loads of pet rescues around the clock

Reply here, PM me or @Macawi, or stop by our discord server if you’re interested!


The spot has been filled.


One spot available for next week, get in touch if you’re interested


We still have one spot available. If you’re looking for a guild without a trophy req., but one that completes all guild events; come join us. :slight_smile: