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Krystara's Keepers Recruitment Thread 2020

We are a top 100 guild (currently rank 69) looking for a new member. We have a great mix of veteran and newer players from across the globe and all are welcome. Come and join our guild and community!

What we offer:

Basic tasks completed on Monday, most epic tasks completed with the occasional legendary task

40,000 seals completed every week

All guild event rewards completed every week

All statues at max level (200)

An active, helpful Discord community

Loads of pet rescues around the clock

What we require from you:

850k gold or more donated every week

1334 seals every week

Guild event participation, use at least all free sigils

Guild Wars sentinels to level 2 or higher

Discord preferable but not essential

No trophy requirement

Reply here, PM me, or stop by our discord server if you’re interested!

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Wow, you guys leaped, good luck recruiting.

  • dark avengers
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Bump! We should have a spot or two coming up soon, let me know if you’re interested