Kryst'a Scythe

There are only seven weapons that can stun all enemies:

The Doomed weapons can only stun enemies of the same color as the weapon, however. Orc King’s Club says stun all, but it only refers to the initial enemy and the splash damage, so it can only stun three at max.

That means Krysta’s Scythe is the only weapon that can literally stun all enemies. Applying a status effect to all enemies is something usually reserved for very specific weapons or troops. For instance, there are only three weapons that can burn all enemies (Fiend Fire, which curses them first, and Fell Ward, which burns all OR diseases all, and Dragon Slayer, which has the trait Mass Flaming).

There are also weapons like Wild Hunter (and its Epic version Eagle Eye) which have the trait “Mass Marked” which Hunter’s Mark’s all enemies. Shooting Star Dispels all Enemies. Ice Aegis can freeze all enemies, but only if its target is a boss, and of course bosses can’t be frozen, so you technically can’t use it to freeze all enemies.

So now that we’ve established that inflicting negative effects on all enemies is rather rare, let’s look at the rest of the weapon. You stun all enemies, and then create 3 elemental stars. Elemental Stars are gems that are brown, blue, red, or green. They can be matched with any gems of those colors (so not purple or yellow).

Best case scenario – the 3 elemental stars are created next to gems they can match with, particularly 4-matches which could give you an extra turn. Worst case scenario, they’re made in a way that gives the enemy a match instead…

Before cast:

Immediately after casting:

Resulting in…

This of course gave me the mana, but it also set up a 4-match of skulls for the enemy team:

I really wish they would have done something for Krysta’s Scythe like…

Stun all enemies, create 3 Elemental Stars, then explode 3 random Gems.


Orc king’s club says do heavy splash dmg to an enemy and stun all AFFECTED enemies.
You also missed one stunner weapon, the monk’s class weapon also stuns.

Yes, alas the Elemental Stars make this weapon too random for me to use, which is a great pity as it would have opened up some interesting combos vs stealthy heroes

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Instead of three Elemental Stars, it could create three Brown Mana Potions or change Prosperous with Quick or Tangling or would that make it OP? JW

Yes… that’s literally what I said.

No, I didn’t miss it.


Spiked Manriki can only stun two enemies max: the first target, and the target below them.

Used on the second enemy:

And Orc King’s Club:

Used on the second enemy:

I suspect that might actually be a downgrade. Gems don’t resolve between spell steps, so this would end up creating elemental stars and then possibly explode them away again. Maybe if it would first explode, then create the elemental stars.


Yeah I know, the reason I wanted it to explode them is so that the enemy wouldn’t have the elemental stars ;-D

What I’m interested in is why did it give skulls to the enemy?
Elemental star matches created via casting weapon get resolved while it’s still player’s turn, thus subsequent cascades should also count for the player and not the enemy.

The skulls aren’t being cascaded. If you look at the picture able the 4 match you see that the skull are falling so that the they are being left for the AI to take. In this case the top troop is frozen and entangled meaning it will do 1 damage removing the hero’s barrier and give the turn back assuming a non frozen color 4 match didn’t cascade as well.

Elemental stars destroy gems diagonally from each of their corners. In the second picture, you can see where the three elemental stars are created at the top. In the second picture, you can see every direction out from every star. What’s left is a 4 match of skulls for the AI:



My bad then. Apparently, I can’t count properly today.

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