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Kraken's Tentacles not working

I have a fully traited Kraken and I have been noticing that it is only dealing damage randomly on 4 and 5 matches. Also when it does deal damage it is not always to all enemy troops. Am I missing something or is it not working properly. When it is not dealing damage there are no status effects in play in any troop.

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Two questions. First, is this ever when Kraken hits a troop for life damage, or only when it hits armor? Second, are you playing at an increased speed? I have noticed that increasing the speed above 1x makes the animations go screwy. Sometimes traits fire in different orders, or damage animations happen at different times.

I’ll check if it is when it hits armour or health, although I thinking is both. It is weird as one turn it will not do any damage and the next it will without anything changing. As for speed that is on normal and I am checking actual values rather than basing off animations.

Oh, that is weird. Can you get a video of your TV when it happens?

I’m sometimes having the same issue on PC with some cards not taking damage. It happens rarely though, so not a big deal. I play on PC at 4x speed looking at actual damage numbers. It is not possible for me to reliably repeat it.

So I went back to try and get a video and it seemed to be working correctly. Not sure if it was just me or if there was actually a problem now. Will keep an eye in it in the future though.

I also have the impression that it doesn’t always trigger indeed, but have no proof neither… As it seems to be random, it’s hard to be sure. Paying attention all the time is too time consuming xD.

(I’m on mobile at x4 speed)