Kraken tentacle ability applied on hit status effect

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

Kraken should damage all troops with ability independent of the top troops skull damage and on hit effect vs the opponents top troop.
What are the steps to make it happen again?

match four or more skulls with kraken traited and initial troop having an on hit status effect
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I’m on mobile so eh no screenies or videos, sorry. And its recreatable and quite humorous when matching skulls can death mark,poison,freeze,silence ect. All enemy troops simultaneously. I’d consider it quite exploitable if not for the fact a kraken loop team never loses offensively regardless.

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luckily this bug is absent on the pc version.

tried to replicate by ur description ,
by putting wraith on 1st slot, bd on 2nd, tds, and kraken on 4th.

4+ skulls would just trigger the normal kraken trait without activating the 1st troop on hit status effect trait.

I play on mobile and it occurs frequently enough that I have tested different on hit abilities successfully. First time I seen it was in guild wars with dark maiden web status effect. I thought at first was a visual bug, but later with different line ups ruled that out.

gonna test the dark maiden, any other troops where this bug occurred?

EDIT: my Dark Maiden is not traited, can’t test it.

Spider swarm/ giant spider, obviously the opportunistic little bugs. I’m wondering about the damage application and resolution coding and if there’s something to do with latency on my end or an fdelay script idk…speculation. But yes its recreatable at least on my end and actually does apply the given status effect.

tested giant spider + spider swarm, neither are bugged in PC version.

I might try archer out later for shits and giggles. I had assumed that mobile and PC ran the same.

Whoaaa i kept testing, and it happened too in the pc version.

i tried triggering the 4+ skull via Bone dragon, and it never triggered it.

instead it happened when i was just collecting a 3 gem, and a 4+ spawned from the falling new gems, and it poisoned all the enemy party.

THe animation shows the first troop doing a repeated fast attack animation to every other enemy troop.

i can confirm it DOESN’T trigger if you activate a direct 4+ on the board, but only if its a 4+ falling from the new appearing gems.

I’ll consider this a guild wars associated bug that has been around since krakens release but since I rarely used the combination I personally never had it occur :stuck_out_tongue:

And like so many other exploitive features that can be employed offensively, I would wager many have used it and kept it hush hush. If it ever occurred defensively someone would have reported it by now.

It has been reported and is known by the Devs.