[Known issue] Hellcrag bugs


I created this topic for every kind of bugs.

  1. Wrong character speaking in quest line.

    I think the second bubble indicates the wrong person

  2. Again I do not make sense

  3. total nonsense again

    returning to the quest fixed it …

  4. Chernabog vs Czernobog


I disagree, I think torpor tells his story, that second bubble just doesn’t make any sense.

Actually, its worse than that. The person standing next to you with that dialogue might be the Herald of Chaos.


Its just done poorly and the dialogue could be any person in that box, not just the hero.

Color coded boxes does big wonders for knowing who’s speaking.


Sorry for these folks…
We have a few known issues with the visuals in the Hellcrag quest conversations which we hope to have fixed in the next update.


If two subsequent quest steps have the same panel layout it doesn’t get cleared correctly, you still see things from the previous conversation.


It’s hard to be confident this will ever be fixed, given that World Event battles are still not cleared properly, from about two years ago.

Any word on widening the font, so it can actually be read properly?

Seconding that the text is hard to read on mobile.

Typo “EXLCUDED” on I think the 2nd or 3rd round of dialog? forget which and I could’t figure out how to get Steam to screenshot it before it advanced.

Note also in Tibo’s first screenshot: the weird black space at top-right. A comic book uses the whole page.

It’s a little jarring that the interstitials between battles (“Souls to devour!” etc) use the old style and the old font.

Many many panels like Tibo’s 3rd in which my hero is overlaid over the Herald. How on earth did this get to release like this?