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[Known Issue] Crashing Guild Wars when pressing X to Fight XBOX ONE

Hello Gems of War

Gone to play day 3 of guild wars today Gladiators vs Hjkuyh and when I select Fight the game Crashers and after 15secs or so goes back to my home page on my xbox one? I think this problem may stop our guild taking part.
I’ve deleted game and reinstalled and still same problem, they is a chance Hjkuyh as Disband after registering for guild wars as it says 0 members.

can anyone help with this?? can we play day 4 with out playing day 3?

Many Thanks
Spartacus (xbox one)

That’s most likely what’s causing the crash. You don’t have any opponents to face if the guild doesn’t exist.

Thanks, yes I think so too, will we be able to play day 4 games tomorrow? or stuck on day 3.

I’d wait for dev confirmation. But most likely you’ll have to choose the “skip today’s battle” option to progress for the rest of the week. If @Kafka is able to get to this tonight. Then it’ll be 4-10 hours from now.

Okay thanks for you’re help, sounds good.


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Hey, sorry this got posted on the long weekend here.

It’s because the guild disbanded after GW started, the team plan to put something in to at least stop this from affecting the active guild’s score in a future update, it is marked as high priority but I don’t have an ETA right now sorry.


Thankyou Kafka.