[Known Issue] Bans for Everyone?

Someone in my alliance who got banned later than me and wrote a ticket later as well got unbanned already.

Huh… :sweat_smile:

Happy for everyone who got unbanned but I wish they’d do it in order of when the bans were issued/tickets were submitted. Mine was 20h ago.

But it’s good to know someone is still working on it.

It should not per ticket or something, the devs should just unbanned everyone and sort it out after the holidays


Ideally, yes. Not sure if they can even do that or if they have to do it manually for everyone.

They did say they were unbanning the best players first.

I hope you guys leave Mr. Kris “Happy treats” Krinkle alone. (Keep his spell after this mess) It was a real good thing it spiced things up. Find out what the problem is with that stupid AI.

Truthly if Kris Krinkle’s spell ends up being the problem, guess what, we’re gonna have a lot of lame troops with lame spells in the future.

I’m saying there needs to be a work around that “cheat detector”, so that it knows the difference between a spell and a hack. If it can’t tell the difference… oh boy…

Hey Adventurers,

Unfortunately I am signing off for the night, as it’s current after 4:40am here. I will share more infomation tomorrow when I hear more.

I’ve gone through and unbanned as many of the accounts for players who had contacted our support. I apologize if I missed you (I will be back later tomorrow to go through the ones I may have missed).

To answer a few questions I’ve seen:

Can I get my guild trophies back?
Yes, we will be able to restore trophies that were removed from incorrect account bans. (This should also apply to lost Ice Crystals or Campaign Stars if they have been affected). I may require some of the team to assist here.

Will there be compensation for the players affected?
We want to investigate this issue and find what triggered it before we will discuss compensation internally.


Oh damn, I must be a bad, bad player. Naughty even.

But I got lucky and got unbanned. So yay! :grin:


Hallo bitte schauen Sie mal nach ZerroMuerte. Dieser Spieler ist bei mir in der Animal Hunters Gilde auf PS4 und hat leider keine Möglichkeit Ihnen selber zu schreiben. Daher bitte ich darum das er entsperrt
wird… Danke

Anbei ein Bild des Profils des betroffenen Spielers.

! Screenshot_2022-12-24-20-11-05-011_com.scee.psxandroid|225x500

Yet another example of content being released and not tested. When will devs realise that playing their own game would mean finding these issues beforehand? The constant bugs and issues are embarrassing.


Very early gamers - and I mean VERY early gamers - may need those.

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Nope, and further I didn’t collect more than 6 treasure maps in a battle. I only used it on those easy daily adventure battles (along with a troop for extra gold and one for extra souls), and I didn’t waste a lot of extra time farming the maps.

Nur hier zu schreiben bringt glaube ich nichts. Jemand muss ein Ticket schreiben.

Das geht hier:

Am besten auf Englisch, und wenn es mit Google übersetzt wird. Dann fällt der Schritt weg, dass die übersetzen müssen, die es bearbeiten.

Im Moment schlafen die alle, aber Ticket schreiben kann man nie früh genug.

As far as I can tell, this started happening more widely: we have reports of people who had nothing to do with Kris (did not own him) getting banned. I realized this being reported by other guilds as well.

The situation is just sad …

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Yes, I think it continues to spread like an epidemia. We may call this “banvid-22” (Ban virus disease 2022).
AI is infected and it spreads the disease randomly among GOW players.


This calls for a Major white orb.

Yup seems like he broke Christmas

Banvid-22 is still spreading. I see more and more messages telling “This is the last straw, I quit”
If it goes on like this, devs won’t see anyone in 2023.


What !! You ban for treasure maps?? the Treasure Maps I have more than 17,000 sleeping! I don’t do it, it’s so long and useless!! wake up devs…

yesterday opened treasure maps in manual mode, moving coins - today came the ban.



Lol, agreed, hope youre doing well bud. Merry christmas.