Guys is it safe to play the holiday event?

Guys is it safe to play the holiday event? I don’t use the new troop but I am afraid to get the ban bug.

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What did you get so far? I’ve got the Krink, red pet and costume and I’m afraid of getting the golden pet.

I will not play the holiday event till I get a confirmation that it is safe to play. regardless of what to miss in the holiday event shop, because it is not worth it to get a ban over it.

This is the 6th day of the event. And the bans started after the first players received Kris Krinkle. I think everything is safe if you play the event as before. Just don’t use Kris Krinkle and don’t touch the new pets.

But this is a good reward for Christmas from the developers :sweat_smile:

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i have nearly everything … 1 copy of kris, both pets maxed, traitstones. armour and power orb. no ban here… YET!

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It’s ok to play. Just don’t use Santa or do treasure hunts. That seems to be be the real problem so far from what I was able to gather from grommets everywhere . I mean gemmers

Apparently it’s using Krinkle that gets you banned.

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My friend just got banned and he doesn’t own Kris. That is crazy.
This is embarrassing and disgusting act by the game dev.

Ive been playing it everyday with a krinkle no problem but some arent so lucky i would say just dont use krinkle, it seems its the maps u get that are triggering the bans so just use a normal team

It won’t help if the game decides to pick you - it will do it.

It’s like in GW, when the AI has decided that you can’t win…