Is it safe to play or am I going to get banned?

I’m serious. Is it safe or am I going to get banned for some unknown reason? I do a lot of auto play when I’m doing something else and, based on some things I’ve read, that could be a trigger. Or Kris could be a trigger. Wish I’d never bought him. Or the snowflakes he generates could be the trigger. Or the amount of maps. Or the amount of gold.

I appreciate that the devs seem to have recognized there is a problem and are trying to fix it. Or at least un-banning people. And that they have changed Kris to remove the maps. But I really do want to know if it’s safe to play? I guess I should just say (you fill in the blank) and play like I normally do. If I get banned, then file a ticket so my guild can get their trophies back (not that I’m very high on that list!) and find something else to do.

I’ve been playing the game for awhile now. I can’t even imagine how new players, who might not even know about this forum, are reacting.

Just got banned my “sister” who does not have that troop bought, and who did not play with him or against him, just running around in expeditions.

No one knows if it’s safe or what gets us banned.

I’m seriously anxious now after having been banned and unbanned.

I didn’t play much today. No E12 farming, no PvP.

One of our member got banned and his event score got taken away too. We are trying to finish the event, but it is hard like this…

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The score in the guild rewards remains the same.
But they lose their personal score for leaderboards.
The guilds total is unchanged.
Bans don’t affect this, our #1 member got banned and score didn’t move, then got unbanned and score came back and it still didn’t change.


Thank you.