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[Known Issue] 5.2 update, additional assets download, wrecked iPad game display

Platform, device version and operating system:
IPad Pro - 9.7 inch model- iOS 14.0.1

**Screenshot or

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I actually expected the current update to address this issue. As I had been experiencing something similar at a smaller scale. The smaller issue began two updates ago. I first noticed it in Delves, when there was a Naga team. The card art would show as this blurry brown image. It also occurred with some spell art, and enemy card art during a Bounty event. It also would occur during the loading screen between battles with different troops. This was a small aggravation that I thought would sort itself out with subsequent updates. This did not happen. Now with the latest update. I am experiencing this issue more globally.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
The current issue became worse today (current screenshot). I had updated yesterday without issue. Today when I logged into the game. There were additional assets to download. That were not there yesterday. I always go to download all assets after an update. Today after additional assets download completed. I was left with the current mess.

Steps to make it happen again
Apply update. Download additional assets. Play the game.


This issue has now manifested on my Ipad2 (5th Generation), after additional assets download. This iPad did not experience the same smaller issue as my iPad Pro. So this is completely new for it. Same issue and image as my previous post.

Needless to say, downloading didn’t fix the issue.

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I was about to report this too. Same issue here on iPad Pro iOS 14.0.1.

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Same for me too - think it’s all iOS devices this screenshot is from iPhone X

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I think you are correct. I just checked my phone, iPhone 11 Pro Max. Same issue reported above. Thank you everyone for corroborating the bug.

Same wrecked display here on my iPad 7th gen (latest iOS) and on my iphone.

This one color (brown) background is everywhere !

And several attempts to fix (on/off VPN, hard reset device, uninstall/re-install the game, download all assets, change all in-game graphics options) failed blatantly.



My experience as well. Thank you and the previous posters for the additional screenshots. I am adding a couple more images. In the hope that they will be helpful.

Same issue on iPhone 7


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I’m on Android 10, and I too found this morning that all my assets were gone. Needless to say, I was forced to download again 500+ MB of assets. No issues yesterday immediately after updating.

Not the first time a game update forces me to download everything again, though.