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Massive bugs today! (iOS)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

Hoo boy, where to begin.

  1. Hitting the Guild or Games button brings up a black screen with no options the first time. Second try works.
  2. Loot pics after a battle are all blank.
  3. After a dungeon battle win, the app hung. Battle still counted.

This is all iPad. No recent app update either. I was having flaky server issues earlier today on my iPhone but I chalked it up to iffy reception in the jury room.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

For 1) hit either the Games or Guild button.
For 2) finish any battle. (Mine was guild wars.)
For 3) finish a dungeon battle. I got this to happen twice.

Other players are complaining of the game telling them something is corrupt. Someone else confirmed the problem with the loot pics. So it isn’t just me.


This happened to me after the port to Unity, and only a hard reinstall was able to solve these issues for me.

IMPORTANT: If you are going to reinstall, MAKE SURE TO WRITE DOWN YOUR PASSWORD! You can find it under Options > Show your Password. You’ll need it to link your account after the install. If you don’t, you’ll have to start over from scratch!

Not saying this will solve your problem. I have heard others in my guild reporting images were gone.

Addendum: Loot images do appear for troop cards. Everything else is blank.


Same here. Play on iPad Air with most recent OS.

That’s what my victory screen looks like. Same in the mailbox when picking up rewards. Also, after each dungeon battle today, I got this screen:


The game locked up on that screen and had to be rebooted. This has been happening since yesterday.

I had an update come through on Android about 12 hours ago which required my app to redownload all the troop images again

Same here on iPad. Game kept loading and loading lots of small and big chunks of updates.

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Same as above on iPad.

me too, not sure if I got the stones or not. Happened to all dungeon battles


I’m relieved to find this thread, I thought I was the only one!

I have the exact same issues as described by the OP, except I’m on an iPhone running iOS 9.3.5 (guess I will start by updating iOS!).

This started happening either late Sunday night or Monday. No updates that I could see, but then my phone is one of those that keeps downloading the same files every time I log in…

From what I can tell the problem affects all the new loot icons from the UI ‘upgrade’-- the hideous new traitstones as well as diamonds, shards, jewels, glory, souls and so on. Very annoying! The Dungeon is the worst affected, as the OP stated the game crashes after each victory but fortunately appears to be counting the win. Fortunately the Guild Wars screens haven’t been affected in the same way (same missing icons but no black screens before, or game crashes, after each victory).

Really, really hoping I don’t have to reinstall, 2 players in my Guild, one the GM, were locked out of their accounts for close to a week after doing a reinstall…

When you say an update came through, do you mean via the playstore? or just updates ingame?

We’re currently investigating the issue.

I’m also on iOS, and I posted about a similar issue in the Known Issues thread. My phone apparently deleted all the in-game data yesterday, because I had to download the full 18.whatever MB the game always threatens. And afterwards, I noticed that all the troop data was missing, and so had to be re-downloaded.

This was associated with the update to Erinyes that changed her targeting so we can’t choose purple gems or skulls.

In-game, not play store. Got the message about downloading assets when I logged in, and like I said, the client needed to download all the troop pics on demand as though I’d cleared the cache.

@Drathas if you are on Android, clearing the cache solved that problem for me when unity first dropped.

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As @Ozball mentioned we are investigating this ASAP. Everyone has been standing around the office discussing what went wrong! It’s possible we will have a fix soon. As a preventative measure, before opening Gems ensure you’re on WiFi so you don’t kill your mobile data plan.

Edit: Regarding the app crashing after a Guild Wars battle, this might be a separate problem. The large downloads and assets missing is being looked into ASAP.

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Thanks for the tip, I’m on iOS but what try a reset of sorts. :wink:

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A lot of these are long-time known issues since the update that removed all the stylish and pretty things about GoW. The weird thing is a lot of them sort of went away over the past few weeks. I do agree, I was seeing a lot of these behaviors when I played this morning.

I also noticed this morning I had a LOT of data downloads, more than the 2.19MB I have had to download every time I open the game since the Unity update. This was more like 10-15MB.

So it’s tough, because “this is shit that’s been broken for a month” but it feels like “it wasn’t this broken last week”.

To clarify - I am referring to the excessive data downloads downloading to mobile (iOS/Android) devices. This issue has just been resolved - if you previously had this problem you may need to download assets again one final time.

If you have not opened the game within the last 24 hours you won’t get the issue anymore! Thanks @Alpheon

There was an issue with a specific game file which was telling the app to re-downloading the assets, even though it didn’t need too.

Maybe so, I haven’t had any issues with GW this week, but last night all 3 DUNGEON battles crashed my game. Each time, upon logging back in I was relieved to find I got credit for the victory, but still very annoying!

I’d be very surprised if it were an unrelated issue. I’ve never had trouble with the Dungeon before and this began exactly when the missing treasure icons began.

The link between the two is that they are both elements of the new “improved” UI. I remain mystified as to why the UI was rolled out the way it was, full of bugs and only half-finished. My strong suspicion is that these new bad behaviors go back to the new UI code.

We are aware of the following issues:

  1. Assets downloading incorrectly after updating to 3.2 (The ‘new UI’ update).. Causes the game to freeze or crash after a battle, resolved after reinstalling.
  2. Guild Wars wins count as losses.. Some wins are calculated as losses. Sometimes this is caused by crashing, sometimes by display.
  3. Game re-downloads all assets/art, including troops. This is the issue mostly described this morning, which is now resolved. If you experienced ‘more issues’ in the last 24 hours this may now be resolved with this fix.

OP’s issue #1 and #2 (guild games button blank, loot pics after battle blank) are relevant to issue 1 above. OP’s third issue where the app hangs is issue two.

This is why I don’t immediately download the latest IOS update…

As of this evening all the treasure icons are back, and I just played my nightly Dungeon matches with no crashes.

Still getting the mystery download every time I log in, but not a big issue for me as I have an unlimited data plan :grin:

Thank you so much for your quick attention to this issue!