Kings Of The Dab New upcoming guild looking for active players and contributers

Hi we are a new guild looking for more active players. We are 7 strong atm but we put in lots of gold and trophies to the guild and we are looking for more members who are willing to to the same!! Leave your invite code here if you would like to join Kings Of The Dab.

Gobi_4 Everyday online :slight_smile: if u can’t find me send me a friend request Gobinho97

Alright man ill defiantly add you up once i am on my lunch break from work.

We are still currently looking for more members so if you see this and are interested in joining a very active guild (get lots of tasks and trophies) leave your invite code below and i will invite asap!!

Would love to join the guild. New player but avid gamer. PENELOPE_1IWE