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Active player seeking Active Guild

I started playing about 10 days ago and joined a random guild. Since then I have put in bout 200 trophies and 70k gold, all of which is more than the entire rest of the guild combined, so I’m now seeking an active guild where that stuff matters. I would prefer one that chats a bit, as some kinda text or voice chat while playing would make things alot more fun. So far I’ve been playing 3+ hours a day. Msg me here, or on PSN as Pheikis

Hey, feel free to join my Guild. We are 3 active players. Started 10 days ago myself. The guild is very new, so havent upgraded a lot yet. Black Dragon is the name of the guild. And you can catch me through psn text messages. Hope to hear from you! At least we are 2-4 that pump some gold in then.

Hi there, the Kings Of Dab are currently looking for members just like you. We are only 2 strong at the moment but we are putting in tons of gold and trophies into this new guild. If you are interested i will send you an invite once i am home from work. Let me know what your invite code is and i will invite!!

Hello, i’m french and i have a guild’s named : Raptourien
I am a very active player lvl 210 - 310 for the both first gamers.
RANK in the guild : 104

Everyone can come in (if you want rise up faster)