Kingdoms you avoid Exploring

Are there particular kingdoms you avoid Exploring in because of troops and mechanics there? I follow the 20% Bonus around the map and do difficulty 12, but there are some zones that I avoid going to, like Sin of Maraj, because of the devour troops there… yuck.


Zaejin obviously

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I think the only Kingdom I avoid is Pan’s Vale. I hate when Trickster rearranges my troops :angry:.

I try to avoid Shentang as well, due to the swift Monkey over there, so often delays my matches.

Shentang also has Moon Rabbit and Yao. Dhrak’Zum is particularly dangerous with all the skull generators and Wild Plains has lots of health scaling.

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I never really avoided any kingdom but I didn’t like it when I was exploring kingdoms with a lot of entanglers like Forest of Thorns or kingdoms with high # of troops with skull reduction. That was because my previous explore team heavily relied on skulls.

I use a different team now that works pretty much anywhere. Submerge does affect it a bit but not a deal breaker.

I don’t avoid any of them, but Sin of Maraj, Dhrak’Zum and Zaijen make me nervous.

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Sin maraj … isn’t bad, only 1 or 2 immune troops. I have zaejin as bonus kingdom for weeks.

After my experience today, I’m going to skip zaijen. It sucks when a loop in the mythic costs you the rewards for a whole run. I like the game less than I did before the explore and 4.7 updates.

I tend to avoid kingdoms with resummon on death traits and spell armor.

Edit: not because I find those things difficult, but because the matches just take longer.

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Are there any kingdoms I avoid exploring?
Nope, none. With the right team you can kick buts in every kingdom