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A New Kind of Explore

When I log on, I complete my Adventure Board, Dungeons, Guild World Events, the daily event (Delve Tuesday, Pet Wednesday, Class Thursday, etc.), my 3 Delve Attempts (pure faction for me)… and when that’s all done, I do Explore, a lot of Explore. I’ve already completed the 100 Elite troops achievement. But I want more out of Explore. So here it is…

Right now I have a 20% Mythstone Bonus on Zaejin, Dhrak-Zum, Zhul’Kari, and Leonis Empire. I’ll avoid Zaejin because it’s slow to explore through due to enemy troops looping so much. Leonis Empire is annoying because of troops pulling and mana draining. Zhul’Kari is okay, although there are lots of summons there too with spiders. So I’ll do Dhrak-Zum. Then I’ll do whatever the next bonus empire is. If it’s Sin of Maraj, I’ll skip that and do Leonis. My goal is speed. I want to blow through kingdoms as fast as possible. That means avoiding kingdoms that are annoying. But I think this is pretty lame at the same time. I want to be encouraged to visit every Kingdom. There are always 4 Kingdoms with a 20% bonus, and when you finish one of them, the bonus gets applied to the same or another kingdom (usually another).

We need a change to the way the 20% bonus happens.

When a kingdom with a bonus is completed, the three remaining kingdoms will increase their bonus by 10%, stacking up to 50% max. All bonuses would reset and a new set of 4 kingdoms with 20% bonus would be selected if you ever do a new kingdom @ 20%. Here’s what it would look like:

Kingdom A, B, C, and D are on the board. They’re all at 20% Mythstone bonus. I complete kingdom D. The remaining kingdoms (A, B, C) increase to 30%, and the new kingdom E has a 20% bonus.

If I still don’t want to do kingdoms A, B, or C, I can do kingdom E. Completing Kingdom E resets the board, and four random kingdoms get a 20% bonus. However, if I complete any of A, B, or C, the remaining 3 will increase by 10%.

Let’s say I complete Kingdom C. Now A, B, and F are at 30%, and Kingdom G is at 20%. If I complete A, B, or F, whichever two are left will increase to 40%. I do kingdom F, leaving A & B now at 40%, G at 30%, and H at 20%.

Now I can reset the entire process, setting all Kingdoms to 20%, by completing the new Kingdom H (this is if you really hate kingdoms A, B, and G), or I can do one of the increased bonus kingdoms to continue it.

So I choose kingdom G (because I really hate A and B, but I don’t want to reset everything to 20% by doing H). Now A and B are at the max 50% bonus. H is at 30%. The new kingdom I is at 20%. If I do H again, I will increase to 30%, and J will be 20%. I can repeat this same process, avoiding the 50%, but I would be stuck forever at doing a kingdom at 30%, or resetting the board by completing the new 20% bonus kingdom (this would allow me to “skip” the two 50% kingdoms, although they could certainly be selected again randomly).


Why max out at 50% bonus?

It would be silly to allow ping-ponging two kingdoms back and forth (always completing a 30% bonus kingdom, then the 20% one which becomes 30%, etc.) in order to raise the other two indefinitely. Also, because the bonus starts at 20% already, and there are four bonus kingdoms active, this means you’ll always end up with some kingdom at 50%.

Aren’t Mythstones already super easy to get?

Not everyone is doing high explore runs. If you’re running at lower difficulties, getting mythstones actually takes a bit of time. And even for people doing difficulty 12, more mythstones means less runs that end without a boss (we’ve probably all had the 99 mythstone run…), and sometimes, bad things happen in the boss room, and your mythstones are wasted (unlike the minin-boss, where you simply get half the mythstones).

Why allow players to reset the board? They can’t do that now!

Resetting the board just means you’ve chosen to do the next bonus kingdom instead of one of the existing ones. That would imply you’re avoiding those, and that’s okay! Some kingdoms are really annoying. But that’s why additional bonuses might encourage players to venture there. If they don’t want to, they don’t have to, nothing would change. (See 34 Reasons You Shouldn't Explore Any Kingdom).

Increasing amount of Mythstones doesn’t seem that original…

Yeah, you’re right. I’ve made several other suggestions too! See (Explore Difficulty 13+ Ideas) and (If "Boss Chests" from Explore gave extra Rewards).


And what if a player does non 20% boosted explore?
All those 20% should be boosted by 10%?
Let’s say no. Here’s a a way to abuse your multipliers:

explore run done: 0
kingdoms with bonuses: A,B,C,D.
A,B,C, are “bad ones”, D is cool.
OK, so i do A,B,C on diff 1, and get D boosted to 50%. Now i do D on diff 12.
I did few trash fights and got a huge boost.

now while, doing A,B,C, bonus appered in E,F,G, with E being 50%, F being 40% and G being 30% after i finished D.
E, G are crap, F is cool, so i do E on diff 1, get F to 50%, do F…

it will still be “avoiding”, but with changing difficulty…

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If a player does a kingdom without a bonus, it would be the same as it is now, nothing would change.

And your example doesn’t abuse the multipliers at all. You’re sacrificing gold, mythstones, and tokens on some kingdoms just to get a mythstone bonus on one kingdom. Why would you want to do that? There is literally no incentive. You want more mythstones from kingdom F, so you get hundreds less from all the previous ones just to get the bonus up on F? I mean, if you really wanted to, sure, but your net take in of mythstones would actually be less…

if those few, are those which i don’t like/hate, find them annoying or slow, why bother with them?

if they are annoying or slow i can pretty much run them quick on d1(like instakill on turn 1), and go for faster ones to get d12 rewards… that way i’m more time efficent on explore on overall
if i get rewarded even more(with acumulated bonus on kingdoms i want) for fast skipping them on d1, why wouldn’t i do that more often ?

But it doesn’t make you more efficient overall, because you are lowering your rewards overall. Your time spent in explore might be lower, but so are your rewards. That’s already the case right now. With this new system, you would be accumulating the bonus on some kingdoms by sacrificing your rewards in other kingdoms. It doesn’t make any sense to do that, and you can already do that. Do you hate Sin of Maraj but it has 20% bonus? Lower the difficulty.

Being time efficent is currently the only efficency that matters for me.
Use less time, to gain similiar or more resources, than by doing everything to maximize gains from single battle is my current goal.

Supriesly no. Compare (with your timer running): what takes you more:
doing a d12 explore on slow faction (you mentioned in other topic, that you dont like zaejin, because its slow, so it can be zaejin), or doing that faction on d1 + doing another, efficent one on d12

when i did similiar experiment, it was almost 1,5x faster to do d1 + d12, than to do a slow d12…

so doing something that looks inefficent, results in being more (time) efficent in overall…
and time is my most precious resource i got :wink:

That might be the case for you, but not for everyone. My fastest team uses Zuul’goth and Hope’s Crescent. I one shot all enemies, so it makes no difference to do lower difficulties.