Kingdom Tribute Calculator

Edit: Updated to Include Leonis Empire
Latest Link:

After going through the brilliant Kingdom Bonus Guide by @KAYA43V3R I mentioned that it would be great if it also included a tribute calculator, and lo and behold, he has done another amazing job here.

The file is Excel based and can be found here:

There are 2 worksheets with an image of each shown below. The first sheet is used to select which kingdoms you have unlocked and also for specifying your home kingdom. The second sheet requires you to input each kingdoms level, star level and quest completion status - your hero level can also be entered.

The outputs from his excel are:
(1) Average resources received per tribute
(2) Subsequent resources expected each week
(3) Daily gold income from kingdoms
(4) A players attack, health, armour and magic stats due to hero and kingdom levels/stars
(5) Mastery levels gained from kingdom level


Based on the calculator I am expecting:

Per Tribute 264.25 Gold, 11.52 Glory, 38.28 Souls
Per Week 4228 Gold, 184.32 Glory 612.48 Souls

Level 1000, approximately 30 log in a week

Per Tribute 820 Gold, 30.4 Glory, 132.8 Souls
Per Week 24600 Gold, 912 Glory 3984 Souls


I needed this for no reason other than to have this.

Now i actually need this to need this.

I updated the sheet

:circus_tent: It adds Blackhawk, Dragon’s Claw, and Leonis Empire to the bottom *

:gift: Adds Guild Tribute Chance & Amount Bonuses in a 3rd tab

*I used an older version which was missing Leonis Empire.
Newer sheets would show Leonis Empire in its correct alphabetical location.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Enter 168 for Logins Per Week


Note1: if you don’t have Excel and just want to use it as a Google Sheet, you have two options:

  1. Use this link and change TRUE and FALSE values appropriately

2a) Select Columns A through F, right click, and choose “UNHIDE COLUMNS”
2b) Click the little left/right arrows where Columns C and E should be

Note 2: Quest column Red O = Not complete; Green P = Completed

The easiest way to do those is just copy one P and paste it into every Kingdom with Completed Quests