Kingdom Tribute/Kingdom Star rewards

So I found this picture in another group that compares the tribute you get as you star your kingdoms. Does anyone have an updated file similar to the one below? This one only shows like 20 kingdoms and there more like 29 now. If anyone has an updated one, I’d appreciate it!

Bonus des royaumes2


I don’t know if anyone will have an updated list that takes everything into account.

Since the Guild Update, there is a further adjustment which modifies both the tribute amounts and probabilities based on your Guild Statue Levels, so any calculation such as this has two more variables to take into account. There was some question as to whether those bonuses were additive or multiplicative, but I think that has been settled now. I had a calculator which incorporated all of the variables up to 7 stars and included all the kingdoms up to Silverglade, but I haven’t updated it in a while and I never modified it to incorporate the guild bonuses. One other player built a similar calculator around the same time I was working on mine, but I think they quit the game a few months ago.

If you are just looking for the raw tribute components for each kingdom, then I’d suggest this:

I have a spreadsheet but isn’t that pretty :slight_smile:

Does yours include the 7 star bonuses and guild bonuses?

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You can find an updated version here: Kingdoms Bonus List (printable).


@nemesis thank you! that is exactly what I was looking for! :slight_smile: