Kingdom Power and Levelling - 1.0.8

Hello fellow GoW players!

Reading through the forums lately, it seems some people are a bit confused about the way kingdoms are levelled now, so I thought I’d write a simple guide on the subject, using Zaejin as an example.

Looking at a kingdom now, you can see three informations: the name of the kingdom, a number of stars and a shield with a number.

Stars represent your kingdom POWER. Power increases your earnings, your tribute chance and quantity, and potentially doubles the skill bonus. I’ll detail it further down.

The shield number represents your kingdom LEVEL. Levels grant you tribute chance, masteries, and at level 10, a special skill bonus.

So now that we know the basics, let’s get into it more closely and enter the kingdom itself.

The kingdom has 5 tabs to explore: kingdom level, income, tribute, power and lore.


The Level kingdom tab lets you know which bonuses you’re benefiting from according to the kingdom level:

  • How high your chance of tribute is
  • What gem mastery is avalaible
  • A global skill bonus

How to increase your kingdom level?

Since 1.0.8, all kingdoms are levelled up with gold as such:

  • level 2: 500 gold
  • level 3: 1 000 gold
  • level 4: 2 000 gold
  • level 5: 4 000 gold
  • level 6: 8 000 gold
  • level 7: 15 000 gold
  • level 8: 22 000 gold
  • level 9: 30 000 gold
  • level 10: 40 000 gold

The cost to level a kingdom from 2 to 10 currently is 122 500 gold (since you get a kingdom already at level 1 when you buy it).

What use is it to level up?

Levelling up a kingdom increases by 1% your chance to get a tribute from it, up to 10% at Level 10. This chance might be doubled with a higher kingdom power (see below).
Each level also grants you +1 to a specific mastery (in Zaejin’s example, the Green Mastery, that is, Nature). For more info on masteries, please refer to this guide.
Finally, a level 10 kingdom gives a global bonus of +1 to a specific skill. In this example, +1 to Life. This means that all your troops will benefit for a bonus of +1 Life whether you’re fighting in PvP, doing challenges or completing quests. Please note that these bonuses are not used inside the Arena, where brave warriors fight on an equal footing.


The second tab brings you to the income screen. It’s pretty self-explanatory. You can see how much you gain per day overall, and how much from it comes from this specific kingdom.

Finishing all the quests in a kingdom boost your daily income, as well as give you a card of epic rarity.


This is the tribute tab. Tributes are offerings from your conquered kingdoms. You might get some any time you collect your money from your main kingdom. Several kingdoms can offer you a tribute at the same time, adding gems and keys to the offering! Lots of tributes can significantly increase your resources over time.

The current list of base tributes is:

  • Adana: 175 gold, 2 glories, 4 souls
  • Broken Spire: 200 gold, 0 glory, 8 souls
  • Darkstone: 100 gold, 2 glories, 16 souls
  • Divinion Fields: 50 gold, 6 glories, 8 souls
  • Forest of Thorns: 75 gold, 1 glory, 24 souls
  • Ghulvania: 50 gold, 0 glory, 32 souls
  • Grosh-Nak: 0 gold, 2 glories, 32 souls
  • Karakoth: 50 gold, 2 glories, 24 souls
  • Khaziel: 250 gold, 0 glory, 0 soul
  • Khetar: 0 gold, 0 glory, 40 souls
  • Maugrim Woods: 150 gold, 2 glories, 8 souls
  • Mist of Scales: 125 gold, 0 glory, 20 souls
  • Pan’s Vale: 25 gold, 8 glories, 4 souls
  • Pridelands: 100 gold, 4 glories, 12 souls
  • Stormheim: 200 gold, 2 glories, 0 soul
  • Sword’s Edge: 125 gold, 5 glories, 0 soul
  • Whitehelm: 0 gold, 10 glories, 0 soul
  • Wild Plains: 50 gold, 8 glories, 0 soul
  • Zaejin: 150 gold, 3 glories, 4 souls
  • Zhul’Kari: 0 gold, 5 glories, 20 souls

Tributes from your home kingdom are doubled. So in this case, with Zaejin being my home kingdom, I’ll get 300 gold, 6 glories and 8 souls from a single offering.
Tributes are also boosted by your kingdom power, which we’ll detail further down.


We’re into it now, people. Kingdom power, aka the new kingdom increase of 1.0.8.

Kingdom power is represented by stars, and is divided as follow:

  • Silver Star: +50 gold per day
  • 1 Gold Star: Double Tribute Reward, that is, the base tribute is doubled – which means the home kingdom tribute is actually quadrupled
  • 2 Gold Stars: +50 gold per day – so that’s +100 gold per day total
  • 3 Gold Stars: Double Tribute Chance – so a level 10 kingdom will get a 20% tribute chance rather than 10%
  • 4 Gold Stars: +50 gold per day – so that’s +150 gold per day total
  • 5 Gold Stars: Double Skill Bonus – so in Zaejin’s example, that would mean +2 Life to all troops instead of +1

How do you increase your kingdom power?

Power is increased through kingdom experience points. Three components are used to give said xp: units, unit levels and traits.

  • Each kingdom supposedly consists in 8 units. Each unit you own grants you 50 point, up to 400 xp points total.
  • Each unit level grants you 10 points, and each unit can be levelled up to 20 (Mythic), up to 1600 xp points total.
  • Each unlocked trait on a kingdom unit grants you 25 points, up to 600 xp points total.

If you go into the Troops tab of the main screen, you can select your kingdom to see where you’re at: how many troops you have, how much you need to upgrade them and which ones you can give traits too.

Clicking on a unit brings up the crafting screen that enables you to ascend, level up and give traits to your troop.
For more info on ascension and troop rarity, please refer to this guide.
For more info on trait crafting, please refer to this guide.


The final tab, called lore, summarizes the kind of units the kingdom has, as well as the mana colours usually used by said troops.

You’ll also find a small text about the story of the kingdom.

I hope this guide clarified some questions newcomers may have. As welcome, feel free to discuss or add infos in the comments!


From @Machiknight’s comment, here’s a guide that details all of the traitstones and where you can find them according to the kingdom you’re fighting in:


Great guide! Perhaps in the kingdom breakdowns you should add the trait stones and where they can be found?

Thanks, added to the guide! :slightly_smiling:


Great work @Archenassa!

Just well done.
Well presented, clean and easy to read.

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Great guide, thanks a lot. One thing that could be added though is the amount of ‘kingdom points’ needed for the respective kingdom levels. They are like: silver star: 800(ish?) - gold star 1200 - double gold star 1700… something like that. Not actually sure about the numbers. But how much ‘kingdom points’ does it take to get to max kingdom power level?

None of my kingdoms are past 3 stars, so if a player with higher kingdoms can answer that, it’d be awesome, but I’m afraid I do not have this information, sorry. :confused:

Pretty sure it’s:
600 silver star
1200 gold star
1700 2 gold stars
2100 3 gold stars
2400 4gold stars
2600 5 gold stars (MAX)


Here ya go friend


Hi. Is this information still relevant as far as being at least relatively accurate, or is there anywhere that may offer more up-to-date information on Kingdom Tributes/Powers/etc?

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