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Curious about Kingdom power level

I am nearing the end of levels i can add to my zaejin troops that i own, which is all but the legendary and nobend brothers because they refuse to show them selves even though i have bought well over 100 gem chests, and probably close to 500+ glory chests.
Anyways, since i pretty much have everything for the troops i have and i am just barely kingdom power 2 gold stars, i was wondering what the number of power points i need to max out the power level is. i calculated that the total possible amount of power points at 2925, assuming that all troops can be ranked upto mystic. and i calculated the power points needed to be between 2600 and 3000 based on the decline of points needed per a power level. then i saw this post Kingdom Power and Levelling - 1.0.8 and saw that in a picture it said he had power points out of 2400, soooo is the power points needed for ALL kingdoms to reach max power level, 2400??? or has it changed since that patch?

If it is only 2400 then that seems pretty reasonable considering the max points you can get is upwards of 2925

Grey star 600 points | 1 Gold 600 points | 2 Gold 500 points | 3 Gold 400 points | 4 Gold 300 points | 5 Gold 200 points : 2.600?

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Just wanted to note that the Nobend Brothers currently have not been released on console; they are an upcoming event troop. So you will not find them in any chests at this time.

Also note that eventually kingdoms will go beyond 11 troops - as which time there are diminishing kingdom power level returns on points earned after:

  • 10 troops
  • 200 levels (total)
  • 30 traits on troops (total)
    I believe points earned are only 10% of that for the initial leveling.
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Everything you said should be explained in game really.

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First off @shadowdemon009, Nobend Brothers have not been released yet.

Now, Kingdom Power levels:
1 Silver Star - 600 points to attain, 600 total
1 Gold Star - 600 points to attain, 1200 total
2 Gold Stars - 500 points to attain, 1700 total
3 Gold Stars - 400 points to attain, 2100 total <-- 7 Troop Kingdoms can attain this
4 Gold Stars - 300 points to attain, 2400 total
5 Gold Stars - 200 points to attain, 2600 total <-- 8 Troop Kingdoms can attain, must be completely Traited and Leveled

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You can relax with both the Nobend Brothers and the two Mist of Scales troops. They are accidental listings and will not be releasing until sometime after the next patch.

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Thats not true. 1 Grey star is 600

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You’re right, I fixed my post to reflect the correct values

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You’re probably as far along as anybody on console. How many kingdoms have you been able to 5-star? I’m just curious about the relative lack of troops in a number of the kingdoms as compared to the PC/mobile version. I find myself hoping to pull a couple of long-awaited legendaries just so I can get a couple kingdoms to ONE star without burning up all my souls and traitstones…

Once you reach a certain amount of resources, leveling up your kingdom power isnt that hard. So far I 5 starred the kingdoms with 9 troops. Thats 4 right now

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Yeah, I’m gradually working away at it. I five-starred my first one last week. It’s just that it becomes so much easier once more troops are released. Getting a new troop and getting it to level 5 costs about 500 souls, for 100 power points. Taking two existing troops from levels 15 to 20 also gets you 100 power points, but costs about 10,000 souls. So the difference between console and PC in doing this is enormous right now when most kingdoms have a couple of unreleased troops.

I love playing on console. Knowing which arcanes you should collect for upcoming troops is a huge advantage.

I have 5 Kingdoms at 5 Stars

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Thanks - that’s very helpful for me. The potential for console players to do that is really constrained by the number of troops available then.

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If it helps they are the 4 Kingdoms with 9 Troops (Broken Spire, Khaziel, Whitehelm & Zhul’Kari) and Zaejin.

For 8-Troop Kingdoms you need all at Mythic, Level 20 and all Traits.

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Yes, I had used @Lyya’s kingdom list to figure that out. For me, it’s still too resource intensive to get most of the 8 and 9 troop kingdoms to even 3 stars when I still have a couple kingdoms at 1 silver star. Something like Zhul-Kari has a lot of troops, but not a lot of troops that I have invested in, so it’s easy for me to get it to one star, but 3 is a LOT of souls and traits on troops I don’t use. Whitehelm and Zaejin are relatively easy for me, since I have invested in a lot of those troops already.

It’s just a really interesting puzzle for me to figure out how best to allocate my limited resources. One extra troop in a kingdom can make a huge difference. Strangely, for Blighted Lands, its Quasit that I’m still hoping to pull. 6 troops at level 5 gets me one silver star, but with no traits, I’d have to level all 6 up to 15 to get one gold star. If I can ever pull that little demon, then I only need to level those 7 troops up to level 12, which is much less costly in terms of souls. I’m eyeing those two unreleased Mist of Scales troops for the same reason.


3 Gold Stars on every Kingdom should be your short-term goal. Then focus on Magic Kingdoms first when Powering up to 5 Gold Stars.


You and I have different ideas of “short term”. Getting all my kingdoms to 3 stars will take months. What I’m not doing is trying to get them to 2 stars (except when that leaves a short hop to 3).

On all this stuff, it’s the path of least resistance. As I play, I’ll occasionally level up some troops for a new task build or as I tinker with teams, or trait a troop for a task or as I collect traitstones I’ve been waiting for. Once I’ve got a good pool of souls built-up, I’ll check all my kingdoms to see which silver stars are closest to one gold and if any one golds are close to two, then see if I can make an investment to upgrade one of those kingdoms. I always try to leave some souls in the bank in case I need some to support my gameplay needs.


I’m actually curious about some of the level 1000 players ON CONSOLE (a few have been this high for awhile). 5 staring a Kingdom with 9+ troops is not too bad. But with 8 troop kindoms its hard to do. I’m only in the 400s and have 5 5-Star Kingdoms.

Those long time 1000 levelers should have a number of 8 Troops kingdoms at 5 Stars by now probably 15+ total…

I have 8-Troop Kingdoms at 5 Stars but I’m not Level 1000, can I help?