Kingdom Helper Offer (again and again and again)

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What you were expecting to happen:
Offer overpriced green deeds at least when the game detects that I’m short on green deed books.

Sidenote/ Don’t tell us it’s working as intended or it’s too hard to change daily offers


And just to prevent misunderstandings, this offer is the issue:


The offer is given due to this open task:


In order to complete the task the player needs more Imperial Deeds and Books, which only show up as generic offers. As long as the task is not completed the game will offer the useless Kingdom Helper in place of generic offers, essentially deadlocking player progress.


Starting from March 9 (when upgrade Maugrim Woods to L18 was unlocked for me):

Kingdom helper in Arena - 6 out of 69 offers
Kingdom helper in Daily Deals - 8 out of 23 offers

14 kingdom helpers too many…price-prohibiting deeds would at least pretend to help the kingdom upgrade.


I go weeks without getting any offers that have any utility whatsoever. Because I have so many kingdoms that are maxed to their limit at this point, nothing relevant ever gets put in front of me with my gems just piling up.

I’d absolutely buy pet offers for the few remaining unupgraded ones. I’d buy every single Imperial Deed offer put in front of me. But these never come up. The only ones I ever buy at this point are the occasional Deed offer and Guild Gifts. Everything else is useless from a progression point of view.


It is perhaps worse than you think. The event key is offered so that you may have a very low chance to acquire a missing troop from an event chest. This would be for that first task, upgrade a 36th troop. The game knows that that is impossible right now but offers the event key anyway.

Coding brought to you by the same coders that coded the offers of ingots when I need more weapons.


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Not quite correct. Kingdom Helper contains an event key and some gold. The offer is given because upgrading kingdoms costs gold, so it is actually “helpful”. I know, there isn’t really any player at high power levels who has any difficulties collecting enough gold, but this was the official explanation given when the issue was first brought up a few years ago.

How long is this reported and has there ever been a devs reaction?
Same as troop offers, also if they are at myth level…

If “I changed the title to [NOT A BUG TROLOLOL]” counts as a dev reaction, then yes.

I believe the 5.7 patch was meant to be their “best I can do” attempt at fixing the daily deal system by adding or increasing the probability of medal, deed, war coin, writ offers.

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and tbh the patch 5.7 made it even worse: before you got troops or pets offered, when you need them; now you get them offered once or twice a week and deeds, coins or writs the other days.

And they totally missed hitting the barn door from a nose length away. As long as you don’t have open tasks like “upgrade your kingdom to level 18” you get offered those good deals. If even a single one of your kingdoms has one of the problematic tasks you get Kingdom Helper (and some other “helpful” duds) instead.

The difference is actually quite amazing. I got offered Imperial Deeds twice in roughly two years while I had open upgrade tasks. I cleaned them up, now I’m getting offered Imperial Deeds at least once a week, and usually several colored Deeds offers each day (includes 3 Arena runs).

Well can someone tell me the logic behind this offer then?

I was offered a 10x Common Troop (Dire Wolf) and 700 Souls for Maugrim Woods on Saturday reset.

At the time of receiving this offer, I had Maugrim Woods at power level 24 with task 1 & 2 completed and just needing to complete task 3 which was Medal 10 troops to Silver which was partially completed at 6/10.

This offer doesn’t make sense to me as I have already ascended that troop to Mythic Lv 20 fully traited as well as every other troop in that kingdom and I had also medaled that troop to silver.
The only troop I am missing is the Mythic Wulfgarok.

So why would they offer me 10 copies of that Common troop? Pics attached.

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It’s a known bug (sorry, feature). If you have an incomplete task to medal troops it offers you common or rare troops instead of

You can make it go away by medalling troops until task is complete

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