[NOT A BUG BUT PASSED ON] Zaejin power 21 bugs dailydeals

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Xbox 1

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Today I got to unlock the Zaejin Kingdom to power 21. The only achievable task is the 3rd. “Upgrade 5 Zaejin troops to Elite Level Bronze”
I did not have that done when I jumped into some Arena battles, out of 3 battles I got a Troop Offer twice, wich should not happen because I have everything mythic/leveled/traited.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Today I got 2 out of 3 offers for troops.

Steps to make it happen again
Leave 3rd task uncompleted and look at my deals tomorrow

Someone in my guild pointed out that completing the task should prevent the deals from appearing again.

We had this bug allready in the past, it seems to pop up with each kingdom getting over 20 Stars.

I also get troop offers for these kingdoms, although the troops are since years at myth rarity.

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Is this true? For 2nd day row I get offers for my fully leveled Zaejin and it annoys me.

Whether you have the troop requirements met or not doesn’t have anything to do with your daily offers. I have every possible troop, all mythic, @nd have had for years. I still get troop offers on a regular basis. No matter how much we dislike it, I would say this is probably working as intended.

Well, I just bought 10x Goblin for 27 gems, let’s see if that helps to get rid of Zaejin offers.

You wasted 27 gems. What you need to do is upgrading 5 zaejin troops to bronze level

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Two things:

  1. Task “Upgrade 5 [kingdom_name] troops to Elite Bronze Level” is triggering kingdom helper offers to offer you troops, instead of medals. That’s a bug and known issue (hasn’t been fixed yet). Work-around is medalling to bronze any 5 troops from [kingdom_name].

  2. Once you have everything possible maxed like @RiverSong , most/all of your kingdoms will be stuck at “Upgrade XX troops to lvl 20” with small description “impossible yet” (or something similiar-> dont remember the exact words)., at this point game will offer you troops, even though you have every possible troops.

These two things are a separate thing. (1st is bad offer assignment to task, 2nd is just game engine trying to give troops that aren’t existing yet…)

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Really? I have every kingdoms star relevant troop (except for Ghost Queen) maxed and have never seen any troop offers after that. The only ones in my experience have been offers to buy unmaxed bounty/raid/invasion troops and they are immediately gone when the troop in question has been ascended.

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than i don’t know why RiverSong is claiming he’s getting troop offers

Because I get troop offers almost every day.

Does @RiverSong have 5 Bronze troops in every kingdom that can currently be Level 20+?

If not, there’s your answer, as @Sytro and @Dust_Angel have explained.

(To be clear, I only ever get offered treasures, crafting materials, keys, deeds, medals, orbs, and warcoins [on very rare occassion]. Why? Because I have maxed all classes, ascended all troops that can be offered, gotten at least 5 Bronze troops in each kingdom [and am currently less than 500 medals away from having 10 Silver troops in each as well, to avoid the same problem in the future], have all necessary pets to avoid being “pet-blocked” in any kingdom, and have taken care in any other way I am forgetting to ensure that the ONLY things the game can possibly offer me are things I might buy, like orbs, things I definitely will buy, like imperial deeds, or things I can’t prevent from being offered, like delve treasures that cost way too much).


The offer being presented is incorrect.
The underlying mechanic that is generating the incorrect offer is operating correctly.

Power 22 requires 5 troops from that kingdom to be medalled to Elite Bronze.

If you have not done this already, then the game is operating correctly identifying that a completable kingdom offer can be presented (Help Zaejin towards Power 22). The game will continue to present an offer (incorrectly presented or not) until such a time that the requirement is met.

As greater numbers of kingdoms reach potential Power maximums over 21 this year, this issue will come up with greater frequency as these kingdoms hit the same roadblock. There’s no getting around this element of the game’s design.

Yes, this can be viewed as forcing intentional waste on a player’s medal inventory by requiring them to spend medals on otherwise useless troops. Moving forward, though, that’s going to be the price that has to be paid to clear kingdom progression hurdles at Power 21+.


By the way, the bugged offer is a known issue that was even cited in the 5.2 patch preview stream as not being fixed yet. It’s 4 months old.
But no one has bothered to actually include it in the official “known issue list”.
So because a developer can’t spend 30 seconds updating the article. At least 3 people just this week have wasted 5-10 minutes doing bug reports on issues the devs have known about for 4 months.
@Saltypatra … Just a reminder your bug report template asks people to check an article that no one cares to keep updated. 🤷


To be honest, I didn’t even know medals were a thing. I stand corrected and take back my comments.


And I was one of those people lol. Seriously though, I have lurked here for a very long time, but never expressed my concerns with issues. Guess my patience finally ran out. I still remember the overhaul of the gold process when they said everyone cheating the system. I won’t even bring up the permabans for accepting inbox rewards too many times. Point is if this has been known for 4 months and not addressed that’s unacceptable. They fix what they say are player exploits in days. I see this as keeping players from getting daily offers properly and losing possible resources that others can get that don’t have a certain kingdom to 20 yet. I know the solution is to just medal some troops, but why should I have to do that instead of using them in troops I actually use more?


It is definitely annoying, I’ll agree. The way I avoid getting too frustrated is to think to myself:

  1. Medals don’t really improve most troops much anyway (so my favorites aren’t really hurt by not being medalled


  1. Every medal “wasted” is just an investment for future Kingdom Power, which is ultimately the game I’m playing: to make my Krystara as shiny-star-filled as possible.

I have passed this on to the devs, and it will be looked at when we have the chance. This is a grey area issue that isn’t technically a bug, but does affect the playerbase.

How is it not a bug to be offered troops that a player doesn’t need?
The game is checking to see if the player has 5 troops from the kingdom at bronze level. The player doesn’t. So it’s offering copies of troops instead of medals to help those troops become bronze level.

I’m aware that a troop has to be at a Mythic rarity (and probably level 20 before it can be made a bronze level) that prerequisite is already :white_check_mark:.
The player is still getting copies of a troop offered that they don’t need due… to…a bug… And if it’s not a bug. Then the mechanics/design of your own game is wrong.

If Player A uses 5k gems on troop copies that won’t matter if they don’t have medals to upgrade that troop to unlock kingdom progression requirement.
And the second Player A Bronze Levels 5 troops. They no longer see the troop offers regardless of how many troop copies they actually have.


“I’d sooner staple the tip of my tongue to my upper lip than admit to this being a bug that needs fixing!”