Khorvas vs Dracos

So Khorvas can drain mana from people who have traits that guard against it cause he stuns them.

So why is it that Dracos cannot?

Both cards Stun then drain mana.

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I haven’t used Dracos since they introduced immunity to mana drain so I wasn’t aware he could not drain an immune troops mana. His card clearly states he silences,stuns,and drains mana so it should operate in that order

The mobs in question are Dark Maiden and Reaver, and the Dark Ancestry Trait.

Hey, I’ll ask the team to check this thanks for bringing it up!

It depends on the sequence of effects applied. Stun first, drain second means mana is gone. Drain first, stun second means mana will still be around. Based on some Death Knight and Dragon Soul encounters I’m quite convinced Khorvash first damages, then stuns. I’m not sure about the stun/drain order, for Khorvash and Dracos, that would require some testing.