Rope Dart Immune to Mana Drain?

So I have been using Emporer Khorvash in a team against Rope Dart, but the first time I use EK it never mana drains Rope Dart. I can’t see anywhere in Rope Dart’s description that it is immune to mana drain, and have checked all hero class perks too and again not immune to mana drain.

The team I’m sure everybody is familiar with is Rope Dart, Divine Ishballa, Qilin, Moon Rabbit. I can’t see any reason why RD would be immune to mana drain.

However, when I cast Emporer Khorvash for a second time it does mana drain Rope Dart. It seems that the stun is then in affect so mana drain works properly, but surely on the first cast the stun comes into affect before mana drain anyway.

So is Rope Dart immune to mana drain? If not, why does it take Emporer Khorvash 2 casts before mana drain works?

Is the troop blessed on first cast, that could be part of the issue.


Weapons do not effect things like immunities. That is based on the Hero’s Class, and Orbweaver’s 2nd Trait does have Mana Shield, which would stop Mana Drain. However, I thought the Emperor’s stun was applied before draining, so it wouldn’t stop it in this case.

A blessed Hero is the more likely reason .


Good comments, just been investigating further and Moon Rabbit spell blesses the first ally!