Kalika in event chests

Dear @Kafka , @OminousGMan and @Jeto ,
I like to give you now an unique opportunity, about the release of Kalika in Nexus event week:

Please let us know before, if Kalika will be in event chests from Friday December 3rd to Sunday December 5th.
I would appreciate you to do this in ingame announcement on release, otherwise feel free to do as usual:
like no response before that date, no announcement at all, wrong announcements, changing rules afterwards, editing official posts , “working as intended” and so on.


Seconded. I would request the same too.


Yes, please update us with the official announcement before the event.


Nexus release is Nov. 15th correct, but 2 weeks later is again Nexus event week from Nov. 29th - Dec. 5th

Kalika is the only Mythic Troop available from Nexus as Nexus is a brand new Kingdom, so it will be the only Mythic Troop available in Nexus Event Chests until a 2nd Mythic is released for Nexus.

No coding was changed for the Event Chests New Mythics since maybe 2018? It has worked that way for a long time, but usually the event week Kingdom and the Kingdom the new Mythic Troop is from are different, which is why we hadn’t encountered this for a long time. If the Kingdom for the New Mythic and the Weekly Kingdom are the same, it will have the new Mythic exclusive in Event Chests as well.

The original post in the Spin me Right Round thread was edited when we saw confusion about AW and the Event Chests, so we edited the blog and the post on the forum so the information would be clarified there for anyone to see at the top rather than having to read the whole thread to see my reply clarifying.


Ever before*


Since this keeps getting brought up:

  • This is the first time to my knowledge that an event key has removed a mythic from the pool as a result of this. There were no overlaps of mythics and events such that a mythic would have to be removed from the chests to make the new one exclusive. Without said overlap, where the are at least two mythics in the event key pool during the period of overlap this code would have done nothing, with no way for the players to know it was there.
  • I could find no evidence of anything being said about when the change did allegedly take place, and I was around during this period and don’t recall anything being stated. It is possible I just forgot, but I also haven’t seen any links supplied showing when this change was communicated. Since the game is a lot older than 2018, a fundamental change in the way event chests are rolled is something that is expected to be announced, right?
  • As has been pointed out probably over a hundred times by now, all of the material available from official sources as of the start of the week heavily implied that Weaver would still be in event chests (some of it, like the in game event text, even implied Archproxy wouldn’t be in event chests)
  • The only indication I can find that this was a “requested” change is the oft brought up posts of newbies sometimes incorrectly digging event chests for the “exclusive” mythic when it is not in the kingdom, usually being quickly corrected by more knowledgeable players and thats the end of it. If this is the case, it would be really disingenuous, as this isn’t even the change that happened.

I’m still struggling to believe that someone in 2018, the start of which we were still getting new kingdoms and there wasn’t more than one mythic available in any event key pool, was concerned about pulling the non-exclusive mythic from event keys, outside of maybe a passing or academic discussion about the future of mythics (because, again, there wouldn’t have even been two kingdom mythics for one to be pulled EVEN IF there was an overlap between kingdom event and exclusive period) and for the devs to immediately action said feedback based on the length of time other stuff stays broken.

Of the event key changes that I know about in 2018, I still cant even find where this was announced in official news after doing a bit of targeted searching in patch notes and weekly events around the time, but do know this is about when it happened because other communication took place because I happened to be monitoring it - starting Feb 2018 is when event key pools stopped getting random other kingdom troops injected in them for lower rarities and switched to fully kingdom only troops. It wasn’t long after, by the way, that there was the major snafu about other mythics (most notably Pharos Ra not appearing in the April 9, 2018 weekly event chest rotation, or rather, his chance being set to ZERO) even when there wasn’t a different exclusive. Now I’m thinking this was probably related. ​And again, at the time, no kingdom had two key-available mythics period.

There was also at least one change after this where common and rare troops were added to the event key pool. I’m still looking for the official news on that one, because I’m sure that was announced.

Anyways, thank you for the clarification on the upcoming kingdom mythic. Please stop pretending players were supposed to know AW wasn’t in chests at the start of the event week. because it was an “old change”.

Edit: found the last announced event key change:

Announced on April 2, 2019, with patch 4.3.

Broken on at least one instance a month later:

And of course, the same type of stonewalling and denial in that thread trying to get it addressed also.


That really should have been its own official news post. A lot of my guildmates don’t use the forum but my guild has a Discord channel for official news posts and the spin me right round post on Discord does not have that change so people not using the forums but looking at Discord still had no idea about it. If there was a new official news post about it then they would have very clearly seen it.

Another problem with the edit is that I and probably a lot of people don’t re-read the OP of event threads a day after they are posted because we already have the infomation from it.

Another thing is AW being in the soulforge. You have basically hidden that it is discounted and why. I had guildmates asking why AW was only 2k diamonds.

You should really start communicating clearly in game. In our mailbox we have a section for messages. You should have used that to send everyone a message telling them AW was not in event chests and this week telling people it is discounted in the soulforge. There are a lot of people even long time players that don’t use the forums, social media or Discord and just play the game that miss out on important infomation. I played Forza Horizon 3 daily and got every single achievement in the game but never used their forums, social media or Discord and even playing FH4 and from next month FH5 I still won’t use them and I will just play the game.


thank you, so i will test it then when the time comes.

Is that a definite ‘yes’ to the opening question(s)?

I think it is a typical official yes from IP2 like in the past

It is like for all other chests, other Mythics are removed.

I don’t think there was any change at all.
Mythics are exclusive to all the chests aside event chests if the Mythic does not belong the weekly kingdom. But if the Mythic belongs to the kingdom that the exact same rule than for other chests.

Here: https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000041836-How-to-get-a-Mythic-Troop
and Event Chests can only drop the new Mythic if it belongs to the weekly event kingdom.

Then you have the controversial description:
Event Chests - Only Mythics belonging to the Event Kingdom for that week can be earned (If the newly released Mythic is part of the Event Kingdom then it can also be earned from Event Chests).
Yes if they have put then only this Mythic can be earned from Event Chests there will be no controversy.

The new mythic is made exclusive for a week to glory, gem, guild and VIP chests in order to give players a reasonable chance to obtain it. Event chests are specifically excluded from this, their purpose is to allow players to target all the event kingdom troops, no matter what else might be happening within the game. This is what always got communicated, this is also why the in-game advertisement lists all the chests the exclusivity applies to, intentionally omitting event chests.


then someone would assume that they will not get common troops etc from event chest and start the next riot…

Where does it say in event chests?


Where did you read that?
They just forget to change the line to add Events and you are making a riot just for that?

Having an exclusive Mythic from the weekly kingdom never happen before (or else nobody did catch it). That’s a corner case where the rule “the Mythic is exclusive” overrides the rule of Event chests.

Why, from their own game guides, of course. You get there by pressing the “?” button on the chest screen, for those that want to see in detail what they are gambling on prior to spending money.

Very clear, isn’t it? Note that the newly released mythic also shows up on top, it doesn’t displace anything.

Yes, of course. They “forgot” to change every single place that describes how this was supposed to work, the news announcement, the in-game advertisement, the game guides directly linked from within the chest screen. I mean, it happens, sometimes you buy an expensive iPad and get delivered some Chinese fakeware instead. Any reasonably honest company would just replace the faulty delivery with the one that was advertised and paid for, or at least roll back the purchase.

More to the point, I’m very sure the community team didn’t know that Arachnean Weaver wouldn’t be in chests. They only realized something was wrong when players started complaining, then made up the story about it being intentional in order to once again dodge compensation. It’s even remotely possible that this was in some way intentional, but hey, unless they make this clear at the point of purchase it doesn’t count.

If you really believe this played out fair I’ll be happy to sell you as many sealed boxes as you like, $100 a piece, each containing either a brick (worth nothing) or a gold bar (worth $10000), at equal odds. The gold bars will have been replaced with lemons, because those happen to be an exclusive offer this week at my local grocery store, just pretend I haven’t already told you.


@turintuor #weavergate

Both quotes that you provided did not mention that Mythic in events chests cannot be exclusive:

  • 1st one: the troop will belong to the weekly kingdom, that’s true Archproxy Yvendra belongs to Zhul’Kari
  • 2nd one: same, wording could have better

What about this one?

Is it enough clear? Or maybe you are going to say that they add that line afterwards?

Players got Archproxy Yvendra instead of Arachnaean Weaver. So they did get a troop of equivalent rarity.

Is it a mistake from the devs? Yes, they have certainly forget about this corner case and forget to put an “if Mythic exclusive and Mythic belongs to weekly week” then add Event in the text of the in-game News.
Now I do not believe it is intentional and that devs have the time to tweak the event chests just so players do not get a popular troop.

Event chests can only drop the new mythic if it belongs to the weekly event kingdom

If the new event mythic belongs to the weekly event kingdom, event chests will drop only the new mythic/the new mythic will be exclusive to event chests as well.

I don’t believe they intentionally made it to rob players of their event keys. It was still a mistake they made and that they should have had a better remedy for than half cost weaver.