K(fixed) Khaziel and Whitehelm kingom tab on kindom menu causes game crash


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

When i press on kingdom tab in kingdom menu it says downloading 1 of 4 then i get a connection to server pop up. Have to reset the game. It dont happen in other kingdoms.
I play on android


@Nimhain this seems to be an android issue. Other android players cant get in various kingdoms


Adana ^

^ Khaziel

^ Blighted Lands


Whitehelm works now but Khaeizl still crashes.
Edit Adana also crashes


Adana still crashing, too.


We had some missing files (on small screen devices)
They’ve now been uploaded to the servers, and everything should be working again (may require a restart).


Looks like it’s working properly now. Thanks, Sirrian.