Game freezes when selecting a kingdom

Hello, I play on the Xbox One and whenever I go to select a kingdom, my game freezes and I can’t do anything. I’m completely locked out of the game when selecting a kingdom, but if I do not select a kingdom, I can play arena, do PvP and everything else. What can I do?

Hi @kingmaster96, just wanting to double check your namecode so we can talk a look at your account. Going by your profile it’s KINGMASTER96_NSPE?

Did you notice at all when it started?

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Yes that is my namecode. I’ve notice that this started yesterday. I even even uninstalled the game and re-downloaded it and I still run into this problem.

Thanks for the info, a preliminary investigation hasn’t brought out anything obvious. We’ll keep investigating to see if we can find the problem. If you could open up a support ticket here if you haven’t already so we have a record with our support, that’d be great.

Do you happen to remember what the last quest you were able to do before this problem came up?

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I do not remember what was the last quest I did. I remember I bought Whitehelm and made it my primary kingdom and also made a new team.

You make no sense.
If you do not speak English find someone that can help you.

I did find someone to help me and he is a dev. So your words of advice is the one that does not make any sense.

I have the same problem. Works fine on my old account but gets stuck every time I try to play with my new gamertag

I have the same problem. I just made a new topic.

Anyone have a solution?

Yes, I have a solution:
I ran into this problem a couple weeks ago, and found a workaround that I was able to use to get unblocked from my home console (I’m on Xbox One).

Log in and click a kingdom to get yourself frozen. Now, press the Menu button on your controller, then go to Languages. Change your language (don’t worry, you will change it back later). This will soft-reset your app. Progress back into the game in your new language, then click on one of your kingdoms. You should now be unfrozen. Go ahead and open the menu and switch your language back to what you had it on before. Another soft-reset occurs, but from this point forward, you should be unfrozen and good to go.

I reported the workaround to 505, and a week later my mom, who also plays from her home in another state, ran into the same problem and contacted 505. They’re apparently now telling people to use my workaround to get unblocked. Ha.