Server errors lvl 14-16 kingdoms?

ummmm gems are you drunk?

paging @sirrian @Saltypatra etc xD

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same on steam and android mobile

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Clicking into the kingdom results in this, and cannot get out without alt+F4:

servers :roll_eyes:

We are looking into this issue now.

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nvm :grinning:

my kingdoms have all dropped to level 1, level 14 - 16 sounds better

I got the same problem. All my kingdom level is 1.
And my hero’s mana surge bonus from kingdom is gone.
Moreover some of my glory points are also gone.

i want my kingdoms back, ASAP!

mine were 16 at lvl 10; 1 @ lvl 9, and the rest lvl 5. i’d like mine back asap too. otherwise I’ve spend a lot of hours for nothing. I did keep and excel file of which kingdoms I had leveled. I hope that helps.