Just a few ideas concerning Guilds

Guild Related:
Add Donations for Glory, Gems, and Trait stones.
Gems: 10 Legendary card shuffle, card is clicked to stop the shuffle but fully stops after 4 cards. Every member who donated at least 15 gems gets the card that the Leader got. Level up with Gems to increase the Shuffle size and at certain levels add +1 of card won (example: level 5, add +1, at level 10, add +1, but total is +2, and so on).
Glory: Same as gems, but 10 Epic Card shuffle, same rules as Gems with same rules for acquiring & leveling up.
Trait stones: Alternate but quicker method to upgrading than adding gold for Tasks, the downside is that only the blue coins will be awarded, but will be dependent on the Trait Stones donated (common give small blue coin rewards, whereas Arcane give huge blue coin rewards).

The guild update is coming, sirrian and crew only know what it contains, not a bad idea though.