It's pvp mode interesting for somebody competitive?

Hi all,

I’m retaking the game, and today I was curious to check on YouTube about PvP. I’m early level yet but just was curious about this aspect of the game and waned to take a look.

One of the things I like is being competitive, and about PvP I saw almost all teams are near endless combos and win. I didn’t saw any resistance/possibility for defense team. This is the way pvp works? There are not anything related to skill/team building, constant meta change? Isn’t pvp an interesting part of the game? Or I just checked the wrong 3 or 4 videos in YouTube?

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There are a couple of meta-defense teams around in any season, which could infuriate the player. :laughing: Also there are some heroic gems released to frustrate the players and then there is Elementalist class. To compensate for all those difficulties, I guess many have probably decided to post simpler defenses and let others pick their defenses to play so they also get revenge battles.

PS: This is purely my speculation but there’s certainly some truth to it. Also, you might have checked too few videos on YouTube to decide on anything. :wink:

PvP mechanics actually reward players for setting up the weakest defense teams possible. As far as competitive goes, Guild Wars is what you want to look at.

Thanks both for your answers. Can I ask how guild wars works?