New Player Experience: PvP

I recently reached level 100 so I decided it was time to try casual PvP. I won my first match which was encouraging. Even though my opponent had mythic & legendary troops I was able to beat them with only commons & rares. Game 2 I encountered a player named Sparksbloom. Their team was all walls with seemingly no win condition, only to frustrate the opponent & make them quit. How does the developer allow this type of play to exist in PvP? I understand I am new & obviously not going to win every match, but after seeing that I have lost any interest in trying PvP again. It just seems like extremely poor design in what seems like an otherwise well executed game.

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You could try using different teams, like an Armour stealing team to win.

Thanks for the advice, but I am not asking for tips on how to beat this type of build. I am just sharing my experience as a new player & my disappointment that the developers allow PvP teams with no way of winning other than the opponent conceding.

People set up those teams as easy wins.

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I think you are missing the point.

you say you don’t want advice. but if you had the right advice, you’d understand that those teams are trivial with the correct team build.


Exactly what I’m trying to tell him

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I don’t think anyone would disagree with you that grief teams like the wall teams are lame and an exhibit of childish poor-sportsmanship. but with as many troops as this game has, there are bound to be teams like that. all you can really do is expand your troop base and learn how to defeat them.

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I am not faulting my opponent, it’s part of the game but something you don’t encounter in the single player experience. Most likely they faced that same build & copied it after rage quitting. The developers don’t restrict PvP to prevent builds that do literally nothing but turtle, IMHO that is bad game design.

2 important factors when playing casual PvP.
#1. Don’t go above Normal difficulty when first starting off. (Which may have been the issue.)
#2. Don’t expect to easily beat (or always win) against any team scores greater than yours. Under the team name you’ll see the score.

Also, PvP is supposed to be one of the most difficult modes starting off. New players should focus on Quests, explore and challenges.
You need to make your troops stronger by leveling them up. Fully traiting them. And then figuring out what Troops suck and which ones are great. Lastly, getting all your kingdoms to level 10 for the bonus stats.

The game doesn’t care about what level you are for the most part. It’s all about making your troops stronger with the help of your Kingdoms.

P.S. Some game/life advice… Don’t criticize something until you fully understand what you’re criticizing. You’re still learning how to play the game… Level 1000 players are still learning how to play the game. It takes time, patience, and the willingness to ask for help when frustrated by the game.


Just so we are clear, I won the match & have the screenshots to prove it. But the experience was so awful I have no interest in playing pvp again, & there is no way in hell I would consider supporting the developer.

Which brings me to my next bone of contention: botting. Without going into detail, I have every reason to believe I was facing an automated opponent. How common is this in PvP, or do you get banned for even discussing this topic?

You face AI in PvP :blush:

And if we face something above our league, frustration is a likely consequence :thinking:

I enjoy those wall opponents when I need to rush through some PvP points to get my Weekly Seals sorted, so always glad people are allowed to build any defense team they wish to

Case in point. ↑↑↑


There is no live pvp, you play against other player’s defend teams they have set. You can also set your’s in pvp - defenders tab.
And four of the same low rarity troop in defense is considered a nice defense that you can generally defeat in 40 seconds or less when you have enough stats and good empowered builds.
In early game you want to use devour against stat boosting or use Mang hero weapon that converts their armor into your attack. With smt like Mang with Titan class, Apothecary, Skeleton that creates skulls and gains an extra turn you could win that match in a minute or two.

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If you get a stall defense like that, run a team that has Luther. Everyone has Luther. Just pump your stats up and obliterate them.

Just wait until you get to vs Orbweaver. :man_facepalming:

I’m Level 1200. In a recent Guild Wars battle, I had a full Blue team (using TINA 9000 as the major damage dealer) against my opponent’s Hero with Guardian Crown.

I had Lady Anariel to give my troops life, so the opponent couldn’t do enough damage to kill me, but he kept getting life (up to 1000!) and Barrier, so I couldn’t do enough damage to him.

It took almost 10 minutes (really :frowning: ) for the RNG to decide that my Megavore would Devour him…

The point is, this sort of thing happens at all stages of the game, you just need to pick your battles carefully.


Similar situation - I played a Life and Death team against another L&D team just to see what would happen. We both had 1000 life by the end amid perpetually summoned Giant Spiders, but neither of us could do enough damage to kill the other. It’s called stalemate.

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Turtle decks/armies are nothing new. You will encounter these types of defensive decks/armies in every wargame/ccg.

And—it’s important to point out—that a stalemate forced by a defender is, for the defender, a win.

You may not like the teams, OP, but they exist for a reason. If you quit or give up, the opponent wins by default.

Heck—if a team makes you take twice as long to win, then the player is slowing you down enough to beat you on the leaderboard, too.

If they’re also getting 60 points to your 30, it’s an even bigger disparity…

I appreciate all the advice I didn’t ask for against a build I already beat.

I retired a champion from pvp with a 100% win rate, if you can even consider matches against AI as pvp.

my focus is just on collecting traitstones currently as “pvp” in this game is pretty much garbage at my level.